Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Women in the Ancient Near East, By Marten Stol

Women in the Ancient Near East
Marten Stol
“We are about to see a long line of very different women passing before our eyes. One of them is shuffling along, but another is sashaying around across stage. They are all to be found in the pages of this book, from the lowliest slave to the powerful queen. They are linked primarily by their distinctive biology, by what sociologists call their ‘sex’ rather than their ‘gender’ which indicates their place in society. So we have chosen ‘Women’, not ‘Woman’ of the Ancient Near East as our title, for their roles are far too diverse to use a singular noun. The richest sources of the Ancient Near East are found in Babylonia, Mesopotamia, so we we will concentrate on them...”

Excerpt From: Marten Stol. “Women in the Ancient Near East.” iBooks. 
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