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Aegeus — Society of Aegean Prehistory - Online Publications

[First posted in AWOL 26 November 2010. Most recently updated 5 August 2016]

Aegeus — Society of Aegean Prehistory  Αιγεύς — Εταιρεία Αιγαιακής Προϊστορίας
Aegeus - Society for Aegean Prehistory was established on 1 March 2009 and is a non-profit organisation with research, cultural and educational objectives. It is managed by its Fellows Anastasia Christophilopoulou, Ioanna Galanaki, Nektarios Karadimas, Evi Margaritis, Ioanna Moutafi, Tatiana Theodoropoulou and Lefteris Zorzos, and consists of members (actual members and legal representatives). The Legal representative of the Society is Nektarios Karadimas.
The Newsletter on Aegean and Cypriot Prehistory is published in digital form, ten times a year, on the 15th of every month (from 15 September to 15 June). The Newsletter is sent to the members of Aegeus as an e-mail attachment free of charges. It is also send, for one year, as a small token of gratitude, to friends who donate books to the Aegean Library.
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  1. Congratulations to the Aegeus team!!! The site is amazing and all Aegean Archaeologists we can finally reach each other easily, and exchange information, ideas, work results... I am very proud of Aegeus effort and we all shall contribute to its future development! Kali arhi! Keep up the good work!