Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Micropasts: Photo-masking an Egyptian sarcophagus

Micropasts: Photo-masking an Egyptian sarcophagus
This application enables the creation of a high quality 3D model of an archaeological artifact via process known as photo-masking. There has been a revolution in 3D modeling in recent years and it is now relatively easy to construct such models from ordinary digital photographs. Isolating the object depicted in these photographs, and masking out the background, is an important first step to achieving high quality results.

This particular photo-masking application is an experiment as we are attempting to model an Egyptian sarcophagus on display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS). The sarcophagus on permanent loan to DMNS from the Rosemont Museum in Pueblo, CO.

What we want you to do

We would like people to draw a polygon around the object that they see in each photograph in order to identify its outline and exclude the image background. This allows the 3D modeling process to concentrate on the object itself and ignore irrelevant background information.

If you are interested in what our 3D completed models look like, please have a look at our Sketchfab profile.
 Micropasts: Photo-masking an Egyptian sarcophagus

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