Sunday, January 3, 2016

CDLP (Cuneiform Digital Library Preprints): Foxvog's "Introduction to Sumerian Grammar" and "Elementary Sumerian Glossary”

CDLP (Cuneiform Digital Library Preprints) is pleased to announce the posting of two new contributions, both by Daniel A. Foxvog. His "Introduction to Sumerian Grammar" and his "Elementary Sumerian Glossary,” are henceforth available as CDLP 2 and CDLP 3 at  <>.

These manuscripts have, for several years, been available for download through Foxvog's personal comcast website, now retired; we are grateful to him for his proposal to have their revised and updated versions persistently hosted as freely available CDLP files. Both are indispensable reference works for specialists and instructors, though, as formally unpublished, less cited than they deserve. We hope that with a persistent web presence they will continue to be of use to readers of Sumerian texts, and to those teaching or working on Sumerian grammar and lexicography.

We take this opportunity to encourage scholars to contribute their unpublished manuscripts to the CDLP in future, following the guidelines found in the lead page of the series.

Bertrand Lafont (CNRS, Nanterre)
CDLP Editor

[n.b. For other Foxvog publications on Sumerian see here]

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