Monday, January 11, 2016

New Website of The Society for Old Testament Study (SOTS)

The Society for Old Testament Study (SOTS)
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The Society for Old Testament Study (SOTS) is a learned society, based in the British Isles, of professional scholars and others committed to the study of the Old Testament.


The details of the Winter and Summer Conferences are published on this website and are sent to members through the post (click here for the upcoming Winter Meeting in Durham). When details of the next conference are available they can be found under conferences. Summaries of papers given at past conferences are also available.


The Society publishes an annual SOTS Book List (back copies now on sale for a greatly reduced price), and has also sponsored a number of other publications, including the third SOTS Monographs series published by Cambridge University Press. Receiving the SOTS Book List is one benefit of membership of the Society. Among other advantages of membership is access to discounts on books from a number of publishers.


The current President of SOTS is Dr Adrian Curtis.

This site publishes events to do with Hebrew Bible / Old Testament studies in the British Isles. Information to be included should be sent to the Information Officer.
The site also contains information and links of relevance to Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Study: other learned societies, publishers, academic resources, teaching tools, and places to study. Resources listed here include:
  • Where the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament may be studied in the UK
  • The Society is in the process of establishing a Wiki on topics related to the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament
  • We are planning to renew our collection of Resources for Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Teaching and Research over the summer of 2015. A page on resources for Biblical Hebrew has recently been added.
  • More General sites of value for teachers of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament.

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