Monday, January 25, 2016

Vindolanda Tablets Online II

Vindolanda Tablets Online II
Welcome to Vindolanda Tablets Online II (VTO2), a sister website to Vindolanda Tablets Online (VTO). VTO2 is meant not as a replacement but as an addition to VTO. It also is an online edition of the Vindolanda writing tablets, excavated from the Roman fort at Vindolanda in northern England.
In addition to tablets 118-573 from The Vindolanda Writing Tablets volume I and II, which have also been published on VTO, VTO2 also contains tablets 574-853 from volume III.

VTO2 differs further from VTO in the approach to publishing the tablets online. Where VTO is based on a database containing all the tablet information, VTO2 is based on a series of EpiDoc encoded XML documents – one for each tablet. Information is then extracted from these documents by the  APPELLO Web Service.

VTO2 enables access to the tablets from different angles. You can use the direct approach of searching for tablets and choose a tablet to view from the drop-down menu. Once viewing a tablet it is also possible to navigate to the previous and next tablet. You can furthermore view all tablets in a list that can be sorted and filtered accourding to source, period and location of the tablets.

Unique to VTO2 is the index searcher which makes use of APPELLO’s word search capability. You can choose to search through all indices at once or one particular index at a time. The index searcher uses AJAX Livesearch technology, meaning that it will list suggestions while you are typing your search.

Finally the edition in each tablet view is linked for interaction between tablets. When you click on a coloured word in the edition you will see a pop-up with other tablets containing this word. These pages also contain links to other tablets and bibliographic references mentioned in the text.

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