Thursday, January 21, 2016

Attic Inscriptions Online Update

Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO)
20 January 2016: New translations of major inscriptions, mostly of the 5th cent. BC, or notes added, relating to buildings and cults on or by the acropolis: IG I3 449 (building accounts of Parthenon), IG I3 458, 459, 460 (accounts of Pheidias' statue of Athena), IG I3 329 (inventory of Hekatompedon), IG I3 474, IG I3 476, AIO Papers 7 no. 1, AIO Papers 7 no. 2 (building accounts of Erechtheion), IG I3 7 (privileges of the Praxiergidai), IG I3 35, 36, 596, 1330 (temple and priesthood of Athena Nike), IG II2 3453, 3464 (priestess of Athena Polias and her diakonos), SEG 47.232 (foundation record of Asklepieion); IG I3 479; regulations of the Eleusinian Mysteries: IEleus. 19; memorials of war-dead: IG I3 1147, 1162; gravestone of Pythion of Megara: IG I3 1353; laws of the deme Skambonidai: IG I3 244; Athenian relations with other cities: IG I3 40, IG I3 364; laws revised ca. 409 BC: IG I3 104, 105. Remaining decrees attributable to 287/6-263/2 BC: IG II3 1, 924-979; remaining dated decrees of 262/1-230/29 BC: IG II3 1, 980-1029. AIO Papers 7 on the last building accounts of the Erechtheion. Updates to other translations and notes.

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