Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Administrative - Statistics and More

This morning AWOL enrolled its six thousandth subscriber by email.  I'm gratified that such a large number of you find AWOL interesting enough to voluntarily add another piece of email to your busy queues each day.

AWOL passed the one million page views threshold a little less than a year ago, and as of today has had 1,668,233 page views. 

You may follow AWOL directly via News Feed (user count not easy to discover), via Feedburner (these are the 6,003 email subscribers), on the newly independent Facebook presence (151 likes),  or on Twitter @ISAWLibrary (726 followers).  You can also follow AWOL on Google+.

AWOL' s Alphabetical list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies currently includes 1218 titles.  I'm  currently editing and revising the list - a slow process

The following graph charts the growth of traffic on AWOL over its lifetime:

Since May 2010, Blogger has been keeping detailed statistics on usage of files hosted there. In that period the ten most frequently viewed AWOL pages have been:

Would you like to participate in producing open access materials on the ancent world? I invite you to join me in Rediscovering Scholarly Newsletters: A Challenge

I  also invite you to amuse yourself by browsing through Bookplates of Scholars in Ancient Studies. If any of you have additions, corrections or comments on that, please do get in touch with me.  I'm particularly interested if you can surface other interesting bookplates of scholars of antiquity. I have a few more to add to the collection, once my office gets properly unpacked.

As always, comments - online or offline - about AWOL are welcome.

Earlier administrative notes with user statistics have been posted in January 2013, October 2012, August 2012April 2012, March 2012, November 2011, October 2011July 2011, April 2011, January 2011December 2010October 2010, August 2010July 2010, May 2010January 2010 , and June 2013.

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