Sunday, August 18, 2013

DONUM: The ANS Library Catalog

DONUM: The ANS Library Catalog
Welcome to DONUM! This Database Of Numismatic Materials is the online catalog of the American Numismatic Society Library. 
The word "donum" is also Latin for "gift", and as a free resource, this online catalog is our gift to the world. 
To begin your search, please enter a Keyword or phrase in the search bar above. 
You do not need a login or password to use the catalog. (Logins are currently for internal use only).

For details on how to maximize your search options, please see the user's guide.

Advanced searches: You can limit your searches to include only books (or other formats) by using the “Advanced search” link.

For a more detailed description on the adoption of this new catalog, please see the History of DONUM.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON HOLDINGS: Some records note that the "holdings" equal "(0)". This does NOT mean that the item is not in the library (only that the item has not yet received a call number). Please also note that this is a catalog of bibliographic records ONLY. There is no digital content of actual articles or books in any portion of this catalog. 

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