Thursday, August 29, 2013

Textkit: to help you learn Ancient Greek and Latin


Learn Greek and Latin!

Textkit was created to help you learn Ancient Greek and Latin!
Textkit began in late 2001 as a project to develop free of charge downloads of Greek and Latin grammars, readers and answer keys. We offer a large library of over 180 of the very best Greek and Latin textkbooks on our Ancient Greek and Latin Learning pages. Since that time we have distributed millions of PDF textbook free of charge world-wide.
Our grammars, readers and keys are public domain textkbooks which Textkit has converted. Many of the very best public domain Greek and Latin grammars, such as D’Oogle’s Latin For Beginners, Smyth’s Greek Grammar and John Wiliams White’s First Greek Book were first posted to the Interent here at Textkit.

Greek and Latin Forums – Join Us!

Our Greek and Latin Forums is the center of our community and it is where you should begin your learning engagement with us.
You can get started by visiting our Learn Ancient Greek and Learn Latin areas to find more downloadable grammars, readers, lexicons and dictionaries.

Textkit’s Top 10 Ancient Greek Textkbooks, Readers and Answer Keys Downloads

Greek Grammar, William W. Goodwin
First Greek Book, John Williams White
Greek Prose Composition, North and Hillard
Greek Grammar, Herbert Weir Smyth
A First Greek Course, Sir William Smith
First Greek Grammar Syntax, W. Gunion Rutherford
First Greek Grammar Accidence, W. Gunion Rutherford

Textkit’s Top 10 Latin Grammar Book, Readers and Keys

Latin For Beginners, Benjamin L. D’Ooge
Beginner’s Latin Book, Collar and Daniell
A Latin Grammar, Charles E. Bennett
New Latin Grammar, Allen & Greenough
A New Latin Prose Composition, Charles E. Bennett
Latin for Beginner’s Key, Benjamin L. D’Ooge
Caesar’s Civil War in Latin, Charles E. Moberly
Cicero Select Orations, Benjamin L. D’Ooge
Latin Prose Composition Based on Cicero
, Henry Carr Pearson
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