Friday, September 8, 2023

Ur Regional Archaeology Project: the archive of cuneiform tablets from Tell Khaiber

Four of the           better           preserved           cuneiform           tablets           from Tell           Khaiber,           now housed           in the Iraq           Museum

This website is the online complement to Eleanor Robson's chapter, "The archive", in Jane Moon (ed.), Tell Khaiber: A Fortified Centre of the First Sealand Dynasty, Ludlow: Moonrise Press, 2023.

It contains an open-access edition and translation of all 145 cuneiform texts and other inscribed artefacts found at Tell Khaiber by the Ur Regional Archaeology Project, plus glossaries of all Akkadian and Sumerian words, and linked lists of all the people, gods and places named in the archive.

Photographs of the tablets are currently being processed by the CDLI team and will be linked to this site as soon as they are available.


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