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e-Clavis: Christian Apocrypha

[First posted in AWOL 6 February 2016, updated 2 September 2023]

e-Clavis: Christian Apocrypha
e-Clavis: Christian Apocrypha is a comprehensive bibliography of Christian Apocrypha research assembled and maintained by members of the North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature (NASSCAL). Entries for each text include a detailed description (a summary, the various titles used in scholarship, clavis numbers, and identification of related literature), an inventory of manuscript sources (with online images where available), an extensive bibliography (including online resources), and information about the text’s use in iconography and popular culture.

One of the primary goals of this resource is to encourage interaction and collaboration among scholars of the Christian Apocrypha. Entries are prepared by scholars working with the texts; users are encouraged to contact the contributors with suggestions for improvement or enhancement. The success of e-Clavis is contingent upon the willingness of users and contributors to exchange information and consistently update the entries.

e-Clavis is looking for volunteers to contribute entries for unassigned texts. Contact members of the editorial board for more information.


Act of Peter (ECCA 177; CANT 190.I)

Act of Peter in Azotus (ECCA 690)

Acts and Death of James, Son of Zebedee (ECCA 455)

Acts of Andrew (ECCA 788; CANT 225)

Acts of Andrew (Latin) (ECCA 750; CANT 232)

Acts of Andrew and Bartholomew (ECCA 319; CANT 238)

Acts of Andrew and Matthias (ECCA 517; CANT 236)

Acts of Andrew and Paul (ECCA 464; CANT 239)

Acts of Andrew and Philemon (ECCA 161; CANT 240)

Acts of Aquila (ECCA 764)

Acts of Barnabas (ECCA 422; CANT 285)

Acts of Bartholomew (ECCA 709; CANT 258)

Acts of Bartholomew and Barnabas (ECCA 449; CANT 264)

Acts of Christ and Peter in Rome (ECCA 956)

Acts of Cornelius (ECCA 303)

Acts of John (ECCA 397; CANT 215)

Acts of John by Prochorus (ECCA 203; CANT 218)

Acts of John in Rome (ECCA 515; CANT 216)

Acts of John (Latin) (ECCA 716; CANT 219)

Acts of Mar Mari (ECCA 797)

Acts of Matthias (ECCA 165)

Acts and Miracles of Mark (ECCA 874; CANT 288)

Acts of Matthew (ECCA 420; CANT 267)

Acts of Matthew in the City of the Priests (ECCA 212; CANT 268)

Acts of Nereus and Achilleus (ECCA 876)

Acts of Paul (ECCA 779; CANT 211)

Acts of Paul and Thecla (ECCA 787; CANT 211.III)

Acts of Peter (ECCA 933; CANT 190)

Acts of Peter and Andrew (ECCA 755; CANT 237)

Acts of Peter and Paul (Coptic) (ECCA 242; CANT 201)

Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles (ECCA 124; CANT 207)

Acts of Peter by Clement (ECCA 534; CANT 205)

Acts of Philip (ECCA 980; CANT 250)

Acts of Philip (Latin) (ECCA 940; CANT 254)

Acts of Pilate (ECCA 309; CANT 62)

Acts of Simon and Theonoe (ECCA 223; CANT 283)

Acts of Stephen (Arabic) (ECCA 965; CANT 301)

Acts of Stephen (Coptic) (ECCA 221; CANT 300)

Acts of Thaddaeus (ECCA 642; CANT 299)

Acts of Thomas (ECCA 125; CANT 245)

Acts of Thomas and His Wonderworking Skin (ECCA 504; CANT 246)

Acts of Thomas, by Nicetas of Thessalonica (ECCA 297)

Acts of Timothy (ECCA 270; CANT 295)

Acts of Titus (ECCA 702; CANT 298)

Adoration of the Magi (ECCA 230)

Agrapha of Jesus (ECCA 508; CANT 18)

1 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John (ECCA 885; CANT 331)

2 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John (ECCA 107; CANT 332)

3 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John (ECCA 324)

Apocryphal Epistle to the Colossians (ECCA 991)

Apocalypse of Paul (ECCA 818; CANT 325)

Apocalypse of Paul (Coptic) (ECCA 850; CANT 323)

Apocalypse of Peter (Greek/Ethiopic) (ECCA 723; CANT 317)

Apocalypse of Peter (Coptic) (ECCA 782; CANT 324)

Apocalypse of Thomas (ECCA 513; CANT 326)

Apocalypse of the Virgin (ECCA 900; CANT 327)

Apocryphon of James (ECCA 495)

Apocryphon of John (ECCA 216)

Apostolic Histories (Virtutes apostolorum) (ECCA 365; CANT 256)

Armenian Infancy Gospel (ECCA 570; CANT 59)

Arabic Infancy Gospel (ECCA 596; CANT 58)

Ascension of Isaiah (ECCA 983; CANT 315–316)

Assumption of the Virgin by Pseudo-Melito (ECCA 657; CANT 111)

Assumption of the Virgin (Syriac) (ECCA 290; CANT 121–122)

Attiri Book of Michael (ECCA 424)



Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon (ECCA 388)

Birth of John, the Forerunner (ECCA 381; CANT 180.3)

Book of the Nativity of the Savior (Latin Infancy Gospel) (ECCA 674; CANT 53)

Book of Mary’s Repose (ECCA 299; CANT 120, 154, 171)

Book of the Covenant (ECCA 148)

Book of the Rolls (ECCA 950)

Book of the Rooster (ECCA 761)

Book of Bartholomew (ECCA 195; CANT 80)

Book of Thomas the Contender (ECCA 615; CANT 24)

Books of Jeu (ECCA 683; CANT 29)

Breviary of the Apostles (Breviarum apostolorum) (ECCA 914)



3 Corinthians (ECCA 169; CANT 211.IV)



Dance of the Savior (ECCA592)

Death of Judas according to Papias (ECCA 653)

Death of Pilate (Mors Pilati) (ECCA 109; CANT 71)

Decapitation of John the Forerunner (ECCA 400; CANT 180.2)

Dialogue of Mary and Christ on the Departure of the Soul (ECCA 753)

Dialogue of the Savior (ECCA 362; CANT 25)

Dialogue of the Revealer and John (ECCA 178; CANT 27)

Dialogue between Jesus and Andrew (ECCA 417)

Dialogue between Jesus and the Devil (ECCA 395; CANT 84)

Dialogue of the Paralytic with Christ (ECCA 425; CANT 85)

Discourse of the Savior (ECCA 586)

Discovery of John the Baptist’s Head (ECCA 613)

Discovery of Bartholomew’s Relics (ECCA 988; CANT 263)

Discovery of Paul’s Severed Head (ECCA 554)

Disputation of Peter and Nero (ECCA 949)

Doctrine of Addai (ECCA 442; CANT 89)

Dormition of Luke (ECCA 883)

Dormition of the Virgin by the Apostle John (ECCA 458; CANT 101)

Dormition of the Virgin by Joseph of Arimathea (ECCA 119; CANT 116)

Dormition of the Virgin, Six-Books (ECCA 220; CANT 123, 124, 140, 150)

Dormition of the Virgin Transitus Greek R (ECCA 428; CANT 102, 112)

Dormition of the Virgin Transitus Latin W (ECCA 701; CANT 114)

Dream of Nero (ECCA 163)

Dream of the Rood (ECCA 173)



Egerton Gospel (ECCA 722; CANT 2)

Encomium on Andrew, by Nicetas of Paphlagonia (ECCA 918; CANT 228)

Encomium on the Archangel Michael, by Pseudo-Timothy Aelurus (ECCA 698)

Encomium on Barnabas, by Alexander Monachus (ECCA 693; CANT 286)

Encomium on Bartholomew, by Nicetas of Paphlagonia (ECCA 866)

Encomium on James, Son of Alphaeus, by Nicetas of Paphlagonia (ECCA 379)

Encomium on John the Baptist (ECCA 543; CANT 185)

Encomium on John the Evangelist, by Blemmydes (ECCA 842)

Encomium on John the Theologian, by Pseudo-John Chrysostom (ECCA 370; CANT 224)

Encomium on Mark (ECCA 277; CANT 289)

Encomium on Mary Magdalene (ECCA 744; CANT 73)

Encomium on the Apostles by Pseudo-Severian of Gabala (ECCA 567)

Encomium on Philip (ECCA 413)

Encomium on Philip, by Nicetas of Paphlagonia (ECCA 135)

Encomium on Thomas, by Nicetas of Paphlagonia (ECCA 294)

Encomium on the Four Bodiless Creatures by Ps.-John Chrysostom (ECCA 685)

Epistles of Christ and Abgar (ECCA 489; CANT 88)

Epistle of Christ from Heaven (ECCA 880; CANT 311)

Epistle of James to Quadratus (ECCA 490; CANT 308)

Epistle of Lentulus (ECCA 507; CANT 310)

Epistle of Pelagia (ECCA 831; CANT 211.VI)

Epistle of Pilate to Claudius (ECCA 259; CANT 64)

Epistle of Pilate to Tiberius (ECCA 585)

Epistle of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite to Timothy (ECCA 908; CANT 197)

(Apocryphal) Epistle of Titus (ECCA 334; CANT 307)

Epistle of the Presbyters and Deacons of Achaea (ECCA 888; CANT 226)

Epistle of Tiberius to Pilate (ECCA 982)

Epistles of Ignatius to Mary and John (ECCA 691)

Epistles of Longinus, Augustus, Ursinus, and Patrophilus (ECCA 140; CANT 309)

Epistles of Paul and Seneca (ECCA 117; CANT 306)

Epistles of Pilate and Herod (ECCA 785; CANT 67)

Epistles of Pilate and Theodore (ECCA 587)

Epistle to the Alexandrians (ECCA 462)

Epistle of the Apostles (ECCA  265; CANT 22)

Epistle to the Laodiceans (ECCA 138; CANT 305)

Eremitic Life of Mary Magdalene (ECCA 181)

Ever-New Tongue (ECCA 209)

Exhortation of Peter (ECCA 133)



Fates of the Apostles (ECCA 268)

Fayyum Fragment (ECCA 705)

Freer Logion (ECCA 112; CANT 21)



Gelasian Decree (ECCA 491)

Genealogy and Manner of Death of the Apostles (ECCA 262)

Gospel of Barnabas (ECCA 799; CANT 46)

Gospel of Eve (ECCA 700)

Gospel of Jesus’ Wife (ECCA 343)

(Apocryphal) Gospel of John (ECCA 518; CANT 44)

Gospel of Judas (ECCA 860)

Gospel of Mary (ECCA 323; CANT 30)

Gospel of Matthias (ECCA 813; CANT 17)

Gospel of Nicodemus (see Acts of Pilate)

Gospel of Peter (ECCA 670; CANT 13)

Gospel of Philip (ECCA 318; CANT 20)

Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew (ECCA 545; CANT 51)

Gospel of the Ebionites (ECCA 198)

Gospel of the Egyptians (ECCA 159)

Gospel of the Hebrews (ECCA 155)

Gospel of the Nazarenes (ECCA 607)

Gospel of the Savior (see Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon)

Gospel of Thomas (ECCA 682; CANT 19)

Gospel of the Twelve (Syriac) (ECCA 129)



Handing Over of Pontius Pilate (Paradosis Pilati) (ECCA 901; CANT 66)

Healing of Tiberius (ECCA 412; CANT 69)

Historia Sacra (ECCA 661)

History of John (Syriac) (ECCA 934; CANT 222)

History of John and James (ECCA 401; CANT 223)

History of Joseph the Carpenter (ECCA 468; CANT 50)

History of Paul (ECCA 857)

History of Simon Cephas, the Chief of the Apostles (ECCA 252; CANT 200)

History of Philip (ECCA 870; CANT 253)

History of the Contending of Paul (ECCA 385)

History of the Virgin (East Syriac) (ECCA 796; CANT 94)

Homilies on the Dormition of the Virgin, by John of Damascus (ECCA 392; CANT 108)

Homily on Saint Thecla the Martyr, by Severus of Antioch (ECCA 476)

Homily on the Archangel Gabriel, by Pseudo-Archelaos of Neapolis (ECCA 627)

Homily on the Assumption of the Virgin, by Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem (ECCA 894)

Homily on the Assumption of the Virgin, by Pseudo-Cyriacus of Behnesa (ECCA 549; CANT 147, 153)

Homily on the Assumption of the Virgin, by Pseudo-Cyril of Alexandria (ECCA 824; CANT 144)

Homily on the Building of the First Church of the Virgin, by Pseudo-Basil of Caesarea (ECCA 978)

Homily on the Dormition of the Virgin, by Evodius of Rome (ECCA 664; CANT 133–134)

Homily on the Dormition of the Virgin, by John of Thessalonica (ECCA 188; CANT 103)

Homily on the Dormition of the Virgin, by Modestus (ECCA 775; CANT 106)

Homily on the Dormition of the Virgin, by Pseudo-Cyril of Alexandria (ECCA 823; CANT 143)

Homily on the Dormition of the Virgin, by Pseudo-Theodosius of Alexandria (ECCA 514; CANT 135)

Homily on the Flight to Egypt, by Pseudo-Cyriacus of Behnesa (ECCA 834)

Homily on the Life of Jesus and His Love for the Apostles (ECCA 436; CANT 81)

Homily on the Life and the Passion of Christ, by Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem (ECCA 532)

Homily on the Life of the Virgin, by Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem (ECCA 182; CANT 96)

Homily on the Passion and Resurrection, by Evodius of Rome (ECCA 430)

Homily on the Resurrection and the Passion, by Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem (ECCA 802)

Homily on the Virgin Mary and Her Birth, by Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem (ECCA 798; CANT 132)

Hospitality of Dysmas (ECCA 630; CANT 78.4)

Hospitality and Ointment of the Bandit (ECCA 250; CANT 78.1)

Hospitality and Perfume of the Bandit (ECCA 506; CANT 78.3)

How Archangel Michael Defeated Satan (ECCA 918)

Hypomnema on Andrew, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 433; CANT 234)

Hypomnema on James, Brother of the Lord, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 144)

Hypomnema on John, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 191; CANT 221)

Hypomnema on John the Baptist, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 537; CANT 182)

Hypomnema on Luke, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 153; CANT 290)

Hypomnema on Matthew, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 768; CANT 271)

Hypomnema on Peter and Paul, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 526; CANT 196)

Hypomnema on Philip, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 808; CANT 251)

Hypomnema on the Virgin, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 805; CANT 93)

Hypomnema on Thomas, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 228; CANT 248)

Hypomnema on Timothy, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 928; CANT 296 and 297)



Infancy Gospel of Thomas (ECCA 421; CANT 57)

Investiture of Abbaton, the Angel of Death (ECCA 171; CANT 334)

Investiture of the Archangel Gabriel (ECCA 618)

Investiture of the Archangel Michael (ECCA 406)



John and the Robber (ECCA 658)

John and Cerinthus (ECCA 877)



Lament of Mary Theotokos (ECCA 322)

Lament of the Virgin (ECCA 817; CANT 74)

Legend of Aphroditianus (ECCA 974; CANT 55)

Legend of the Holy Rood Tree (ECCA 121)

Legend of the Thirty Silver Pieces (ECCA 644)

Letter of Peter to Philip (ECCA 612; CANT 26)

Life and Conduct of John the Baptist (ECCA 358)

Life and Conduct of the Holy Women Xanthippe, Polyxena, and Rebecca (ECCA 189)

Life and Martyrdom of Andrew (ECCA 414)

Life and Martyrdom of John the Baptist (ECCA 740; CANT 181)

Life and Miracles of Thecla (ECCA 792)

Life of Andrew, by Epiphanius the Monk (ECCA 557; CANT 233)

Life of John the Baptist, by Serapion (ECCA 594; CANT 183)

Life of Judas (ECCA 678)

Life of Mary (West Syriac) (ECCA 184)

Life of Mary Magdalene (ECCA 180; CANT 72)

Life of Pilate (ECCA 247)

Life of the Virgin, by Epiphanius (ECCA 635)

List of the Apostles (Anonymus I) (ECCA 848)

List of the Apostles and Disciples (Anonymus II) (ECCA 849)

List of the Apostles and Disciples, by Pseudo-Dorotheus of Tyre (ECCA 478)

List of the Apostles and Disciples, by Pseudo-Epiphanius of Salamis (ECCA 847)

List of the Apostles and Disciples, by Pseudo-Hippolytus of Thebes (ECCA 473)

List of Apostles and Disciples, by Pseudo-Eusebius (ECCA 214)

List of Married and Celibate Apostles (ECCA 240)



Martyrdom of Ananias (ECCA 958)

Martyrdom of Andrew (Martyrium prius) (ECCA 904; CANT 227)

Martyrdom of Andrew (ECCA 310; CANT 235)

Martyrdom of Bartholomew (ECCA 306, CANT 260)

Martyrdom of Bartholomew (Armenian) (ECCA 200, CANT 262)

Martyrdom of Clement (ECCA 281)

Martyrdom of Hermione (ECCA 182)

Martyrdom of James, Brother of the Lord (Armenian) (ECCA 816; CANT 277)

Martyrdom of James, Brother of the Lord (Georgian) (ECCA 815; CANT 278)

Martyrdom of James, Brother of the Lord (Greek) (ECCA 499; CANT 274)

Martyrdom of James, Brother of the Lord (ECCA 116; CANT 276.2)

Martyrdom of James, Son of Alphaeus (ECCA 120)

Martyrdom of James, Son of Alphaeus (Greek) (ECCA 956)

Martyrdom of James, Son of Zebedee (ECCA 346; CANT 273.2)

Martyrdom of Judas Thaddaeus (ECCA 337)

Martyrdom of Longinus the Centurion, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 730)

Martyrdom of Luke (ECCA 890; CANT 291–294)

Martyrdom of Mark (ECCA 593; CANT 287)

Martyrdom of Matthias (ECCA 482; CANT 280)

Martyrdom of Matthew (ECCA 623; CANT 269)

Martyrdom of the Blessed Apostle Paul by Pseudo-Linus (ECCA367; CANT 212)

Martyrdom of Peter and Paul (ECCA 827; CANT 206)

Martyrdom of Blessed Peter the Apostle, by Pseudo-Linus (ECCA 573; CANT 191)

Martyrdom of Philip (ECCA 528; CANT 252.2)

Martyrdom of Pilate (ECCA 600; CANT 75)

Martyrdom of Simon the Canaanite (ECCA 222; CANT 282.2)

Martyrdom of Stephen (Georgian) (ECCA 733)

Martyrdom of Stephen (Greek) (ECCA 735)

Martyrdom of Thaddaeus (ECCA 377)

Martyrdom of Thecla, by Symeon Metaphrastes (ECCA 206)

Martyrdom of Zechariah (ECCA 509; CANT 180.1)

Memorial of John (ECCA 499)

Metastasis of John (ECCA 313)

Miracles of Andrew by Gregory of Tours (ECCA 244; CANT 232; CANT 225.II)

Miracles of Jesus (ECCA 174; CANT 45)

Miracles of Mary (ECCA 512)

Miracles of Mary in Bartos (CANT 281)

Miracle of Michael the Archangel at Chonae (ECCA 217)

Miracles of Thomas (ECCA 295)

Mysteries of John (ECCA 232; CANT 333)

Mystery of the Judgment of Sinners (ECCA 225)



Names of the Apostles and Their Parents (ECCA 454)

Narrative of Joseph of Arimathea (ECCA 274; CANT 76)

Nativity of Mary (ECCA 932; CANT 52)

Notes about the Places of the Holy Apostles (ECCA 287)

Notes about the Regions and Cities in which the Bodies of the Holy Apostles Rest (ECCA 288)


On Herod and John the Baptist (ECCA 590)

On the Funeral of Jesus (ECCA 352)

On the Priesthood of Jesus (ECCA 995; CANT 54)

On the Star by Pseudo-Eusebius of Caesarea (ECCA 280)


Panegyric to Thecla, by Pseudo-John Chrysostom (ECCA 475)

Papyrus Bala’izah 27 (ECCA 569)

Papyrus Berlin 11710 (ECCA 739; CANT 7)

Papyrus Merton 51 (ECCA 441)

Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 210 (ECCA 720)

Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 840 (ECCA 747; CANT 1)

Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 5072 (ECCA 646)

Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1224 (ECCA 605; CANT 3)

Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 2949 (ECCA 505; CANT 8)

Papyrus Cairensis 10735 (ECCA 669; CANT 4)

Passion of Andrew (ECCA 236; CANT 231)

Passion of Bartholomew (ECCA 617; CANT 259)

Passion of James, Brother of the Lord (ECCA 961; CANT 275)

Passion of James, Son of Zebedee (ECCA 706; CANT 272)

Passion of John, by Pseudo-Melito (ECCA 944; CANT 220)

Passion of John the Baptist (ECCA 952)

Passion of Matthew (ECCA 937; CANT 270)

Passion of Paul (ECCA 149; CANT 213)

Passion of Peter (ECCA 893; CANT 195)

Passion of Peter and Paul (Ps.-Hegesippus) (ECCA 673; CANT 192)

Passion of Processus and Martinianus (ECCA 896)

Passion of Simon and Jude (ECCA 193; CANT 284)

Passion of Stephen (ECCA 734)

Passion of the Apostles Peter and Paul (ECCA 251; CANT 194)

Passion of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (Ps.-Marcellus) (ECCA 403; CANT 193)

Passion of Thomas (ECCA 296)

Pistis Sophia (ECCA 643; CANT 28)

Places in Which Each of the Apostles Lie (ECCA 289)

Prayer of Christ from the Cross (ECCA 920)

Prayer of Mary at Bartos (ECCA 915)

Prayer of the Apostle Paul (ECCA 645)

Preaching of Bartholomew (ECCA 316; CANT 261)

Preaching of James, Brother of the Lord (ECCA 115; CANT 276.1)

Preaching of James, Son of Zebedee (ECCA 327; CANT 273.1)

Preaching of Judas Thaddaeus (ECCA 302)

Preaching of Peter (ECCA 684; CANT 208)

Preaching of Peter (Arabic) (ECCA 614; CANT 202)

Preaching of Peter to Faustus (ECCA 845; CANT 204)

Preaching of Philip (ECCA 511; CANT 252.1)

Preaching of Simon Cephas in the City of Rome (ECCA 483; CANT 199)

Preaching of Simon the Canaanite (ECCA 221; CANT 282.1)

Protoevangelium of James (ECCA 611; CANT 50)

Pseudo-Clementines (ECCA 638; CANT 209)



Questions of Bartholomew (ECCA 142; CANT 63)

Questions of James to John (ECCA 675; CANT 279)

Questions of John (ECCA 445)

Questions of John to Abraham (ECCA 439)

Questions of Mary (ECCA 285)



Rebellion of Dimas (ECCA 106; CANT 78.2)

Report of Pontius Pilate (Anaphora Pilati) (ECCA 101; CANT 65)

Revelation Discourse of Jesus (ECCA 350)

(First) Revelation of James (ECCA 330)

(Second) Revelation of James (ECCA 467)

(Latin) Revelation of John (ECCA 655)

Revelation of John about Antichrist (ECCA 656)

Revelation of the Magi (ECCA 881)

1 Revelation of Matthew about the End Times (ECCA 510)

2 Revelation of Matthew about the End Times (ECCA 522)

Revelation of Stephen (ECCA 864)

Revelation about the Lord’s Prayer (ECCA 451)



Second Coming of Christ and the Resurrection of the Dead (ECCA 268)

Second Discourse of the Great Seth (ECCA 170)

Secret Gospel of Mark (ECCA 402; CANT 15)

Sibylline Oracles (ECCA 688; CANT 319)

Story of Andrew (ECCA 340; CANT 229)

Story of the Image of Edessa (ECCA 931)

Story of Joseph of Arimathea (ECCA 168; CANT 77)

Story of Peter and Paul in Rome (ECCA 139; CANT 203)

Story of Peter, John, and Paul in Antioch (ECCA 409)

Story of the Talking Skull (ECCA 234)



Teaching of the Lord (ECCA 911)

Testament of Our Lord (ECCA 804)

Tiburtine Sibyl (ECCA 695; CANT 320)

Toledot Yeshu (ECCA 355)

Travels of Peter (Syriac) (ECCA 699)

Two Sorrows of the Kingdom of Heaven (ECCA 575)



Vengeance of the Savior (ECCA 837; CANT 70)

Virtuous Deeds of Thecla (ECCA 146)

Vision of Theophilus (ECCA 621; CANT 56)



Wisdom of Jesus Christ (ECCA 187)

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