Monday, September 11, 2023

Open Access Monograph Series: Studia Asiana

 [First posted in AWOL 4 January 2019, updated 11 September 2023]
ISSN: 1974-7837 
e-ISSN: 2612-808X
The series brings together specialist studies in archaeology, philology, epigraphy, linguistics, and history of Ancient Anatolia and the Syrian-Levantine area. Particular attention is devoted to research connected with the University of Florence's archaeological project in central Anatolia. Studia Asiana publishes studies, preliminary reports of ongoing excavation campaigns, and materials related to fieldwork. The series fully supports Open Access publishing as an ideal tool to share ideas and knowledge in every research field with an open, collaborative and non-profit approach. Open Access books allow the research community to achieve a high research impact as well as rapid dissemination in any editorial form.

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