Friday, September 1, 2023

Open Access Journal: Κυπριακή Αρχαιολογία – Archaeologia Cypria

The Association of Cypriot Archaeologists (ACA) is the largest and oldest scientific association in the field of archaeology in Cyprus. It has been a registered as a non-profit scientific association since 1983. Today, the ACA numbers 180 members and is constantly expanding with the registration to the Association of new archaeologists. According to the Statutes in order to become a Member of the Association, it is required to hold a degree in archaeology or related sciences. The largest part of the archaeological community of Cyprus is already registered with the ACA, which is considered to be an important element for the promotion of archaeology as a scientific discipline in Cyprus. 



Edgar J. Peltenburg
A Comprehensive Bibliography - Compiled by CHARALAMBOS PARASKEVA

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