Monday, September 11, 2023

Biblical Studies Online

[First posted in AWOL 19 January 2014, updated 11 September 2023]

Biblical Studies Online

The goal of Biblical Studies Online is to provide both biblical scholars and the interested wider public with ease of access to quality biblical scholarship, as it comes available online.

More and more biblical scholarship is being published open-access and online – not only in traditional book form, but in a variety of media, including videos and sound recordings. In addition there are many more free New Testament and free Old Testament materials available to read.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to locate these resources on the internet, and sometimes difficult for those less experienced with biblical scholarship to distinguish worthwhile material from that which is inaccurate or even grossly misleading. And when it comes to the Bible, there is no shortage of the latter to be found. For this reason, Biblical Studies Online offers a gateway for the dissemination and publicizing of worthwhile open-access, online biblical scholarship.

To search for online Biblical Studies resources, please either click on the category in which you are interested, or use the search-box, in the column to the right.

Biblical Studies Online is maintained by:

Prof. James Crossley, St Mary’s University, London

Dr. Deane Galbraith, University of Otago

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