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Open Access Journal: Chronika: The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology Graduate Student Journal

[First posted in AWOL 5 May 2014, updated 5 May 2018]

Chronika: The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology Graduate Student Journal
ISSN: 2159-9904
EISSN: 2159-9912 
Chronika is an interdisciplinary journal for graduate students studying the art and archaeology of the Mediterranean world. 
Chronika, like its parent organization The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology (IEMA), promotes interdisciplinary dialogues and innovative approaches to the study of the past. Chronika is an open access journal and aims to publish cutting edge research in a timely fashion and make it widely available to the scholarly community. We encourage collaborative, interdisciplinary scholarship by making the content of our journal freely available online.
Chronika is produced by University at Buffalo graduate students, but welcomes submissions from graduate students at other colleges and universities worldwide. Students are encouraged to submit an article here.
 Current Issue:
Chronika, Volume 8, Full Text 
Chronika volume 8.pdf Chronika volume 8.pdf
Size : 5405.724 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter from the Editor: 
vol8 letter from the editor.pdf vol8 letter from the editor.pdf
Size : 43.216 Kb
Type : pdf
Sarah Hoffman, University at Buffalo
"The Ghosts of Christmas Past: Folklore,Archaeology, and Place Abandonmentat Haffjarðarey, Western Iceland"
Hoffman 2018.pdf Hoffman 2018.pdf
Size : 695.644 Kb
Type : pdf
Jason Rasmussen, University at Buffalo
"Fragmented Remains: A Case for Social Memory vs. Violence"
Rasmussen 2018.pdf Rasmussen 2018.pdf
Size : 223.017 Kb
Type : pdf
Patricia Tabascio, University of Oxford
"Figures in Transition: The Half-Open Door Motif on the Velletri Sarcophagus"
Tabascio 2018.pdf Tabascio 2018.pdf
Size : 2518.93 Kb
Type : pdf
Kipp Tremlin, University of South Florida
"Ephemeral Creatures: Infant Death and Burial in Ancient Rome"
Tremlin 2018.pdf Tremlin 2018.pdf
Size : 224.851 Kb
Type : pdf

Thomas Kocjan, Brock University
"A Woman’s Virtus? Perceptions of the Female Gladiator "
Kocjan 2018.pdf Kocjan 2018.pdf
Size : 202.339 Kb
Type : pdf
Nina Mazhjoo, Concordia University
"Ritualized Body and Ritualized Identity: Recontextualizing the Initiation rituals of the Roman Mystery Cult of Mithras"
Mazhjoo 2018.pdf Mazhjoo 2018.pdf
Size : 178.224 Kb
Type : pdf

C.B. Troskosky, University at Buffalo; Vytenis Podėnas, Institute of History of Lithuania;
and Nathan Dubinin, University at Buffalo

"Quaternary Geomorphology and Viewshed Analysis of the Garniai I and Nearby Late Bronze Age Hillforts (Utena County, Lithuania)"
Troskosky 2018.pdf Troskosky 2018.pdf
Size : 912.606 Kb
Type : pdf

Travel Reports:
Nathaniel Durant, University at Buffalo
"Finding Forts: A Forgotten Landscape in Southeast Romania"
Durant 2018.pdf Durant 2018.pdf
Size : 136.898 Kb
Type : pdf

Alice Chapman, University at Buffalo

"The Olynthos Project"
Chapman 2018.pdf Chapman 2018.pdf
Size : 134.284 Kb
Type : pdf
Heather Rosch, University at Buffalo
"Interview with Dr. Megan Daniels, 2017-2018 IEMA Postdoctoral Fellow"
Daniels Interview.pdf Daniels Interview.pdf
Size : 136.62 Kb
Type : pdf
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