Thursday, March 16, 2023

Perseus 6.0: Beyond Translation — the first version of a next generation Perseus

Perseus 6.0: Beyond Translation — the first version of a next generation Perseus

Gregory Crane
March 15, 2023
Medford MA, USA

Five years after the March 15, 2018, announcement of the Scaife Viewer, we are announcing Beyond Translation, the first version of the sixth generation Perseus (Perseus 6.0). The current NEH-funded phase of work runs through August 2023. We have a great deal of content to add and much to do with every aspect of the system, but the basic features of Perseus 6 are now largely in place.

You can experiment with Beyond Translation directly but it is not yet as transparent as it will (hopefully) become as to what features are available and where those features are available. A more proper splash screen will appear this summer but, in the meantime, we have put up a first draft of information about the new features and how you can get at them. We expect that documentation to evolve as well.

  • Read a general introduction to Perseus 6.0 here.
  • See an overview of new features in a single document here.
  • See information about Perseus 6 as a series of separate documents here.

Primary funding for Beyond Translation has come from the NEH Office of Digital Humanities program (HAA-266462-19), with major support from the Mellon Foundation (1802-05569), the Center for Hellenic Studies, the Tufts Data Intensive Science Center, the Tufts Springboard program, Tufts Technology Services, and Tufts Arts and Sciences. We particularly thank our developer partners James Tauber and Jacob Wegner.

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