Saturday, March 18, 2023

Open Access Journal: Itinera: The Journal of the Roman Roads Research Association

The Journal welcomes papers contributing to a better understanding of the road network and its place within the wider context of Roman studies, whether in the UK or internationally. The most important work taking place in Roman road studies will find a home here. The Journal includes reports of excavations, lidar discoveries, designation of 'new' routes through an expanded Margary system, and a range of peer-reviewed scholarly articles exploring the wider context of roads as related to military and civilian activity, forts, planning, surveying and all aspects of Roman life. Itinera also contains a section of shorter entries, Roman Roads in 2021 summarising all relevant fieldwork and discoveries in Britain from the previous year, even those with negative results. 

Papers are invited (with a deadline of 15 November 2022) for consideration for the third volume, which is expected to be published in May 2023. Notes for intending contributors, explaining the submission process and format required, are available at the links below. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are thinking of submitting a paper. Contact the Editor using the button below.

Volume 1 (2021)

Volume 2 (2022) Downloads of this Volume are for members only until June 1, 2023

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