Thursday, March 9, 2023

Open Access Journal: Nāme-ye Īrān-e Bāstān

Welcome to the virtual home of Nāme-ye Īrān-e Bāstān (NIB), an international and multilingual journal of antique Iranian Studies that was published in Iran between 2001-2014, under the editorship of Touraj Daryaee and under the auspices of the Iran University Press.

Considering the problems that caused the closer of the journal, we felt that the issues of NIB contain a wealth of information in Persian, English, and occasionally in other languages, for the interested audiences. This is why this website has been set up in order to provide the articles from the journal for the web audiences and preserve the journal in the digital form.

For more information about the journal, its editors, and its academic editorial board, visit the About page.

Issues of the journal will be uploaded gradually, so please check the latest Journal Issues and check the Blog to see the latest updates.

Thank you for visiting!

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