Wednesday, March 15, 2023

DH Awards 2022 Voting: Nominees relating to Antiquity

DH Awards 2022 Voting

Please vote for the following resources from 2022 in the DH Awards 2022. Anyone is allowed to vote (once). Have a look over the resources in each category and then fill out the form linked to at the bottom of the page in order to vote. For frequently asked questions please see for more information. We are sorry if your nominated resource wasn’t passed by the committee, all decisions are final once voting opens. We may also have moved it to a different category. 

Note: Nominations are not filtered for quality and resources may self-nominate. If you own the resource and there are errors in your title or URL please email james at and we will correct these. 

Voting will be open until 2023-03-26.

Below I include links to nominees relating to Antiquity, but I urge you to follow the above link to see all the nominees. AWOL has won a DH Award twice in recent years but is not a nominee in this cycle:

BEST DH DATA VISUALIZATION (e.g. a visualization of DH data)

BEST DH DATASET (e.g. a corpus of texts, table of data, or similar used for DH research)

BEST DH TOOL OR SUITE OF TOOLS (e.g. something used to build a DH resource)

BEST DH TRAINING MATERIALS (e.g. talks, slides, exercises, videos, or how-to guides in any form)





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