Friday, July 16, 2021

Prosobab News

We are pleased to announce the third data release of Prosobab <>, the open online prosopography of Babylonia (c. 620 – 330 BCE) developed by the ERC project “Persia and Babylonia” at Leiden University. The prosobab team collaborated with Ludovica Cecilia, Reinhard Pirngruber, Laura Dees and Alba De Ridder to accomplish this release.

The newly released data pertains to the following archives.

From Babylon: the Egibi Nūr-Sîn archive (over 1,800 texts)

From Borsippa: Atkuppu, Balāṭu slave of Rēmūt-Bēl, Ibnāya A, Ibnāya

B-C-D, Ilia A+B, D, and E, Ilšu-abūšu A and B, Rē’i-alpi,

miscellaneous texts published in AchHist 15 (1,140 texts)
From Nippur: Carian archive, Murašû (incomplete, 379 texts)
From Sippar: Iššar-tarībi (25 texts)

Prosobab now contains data from 5,127 cuneiform tablets.

In addition to more data, the new version also offers a new feature. Users can query over 3,500 names along with onomastic information ( This information can be combined with prosopographic searches. As an example, it is possible to extract all persons bearing a Persian name, or to study the linguistic background of names borne by certain types of officials. Please note that work on the name list is ongoing. Corrections and suggestions are most welcome and can be sent to

Video tutorials are available for newcomers to the database – please check out our guidelines on

Should you want to join our team and help us improve prosobab, please contact us!

On behalf of the Prosobab team,
Caroline Waerzeggers and Melanie Groß


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