Friday, April 29, 2016

Open Access Journal: Newsletter / Euroclassica = Bulletin / Euroclassica

Newsletter / Euroclassica = Bulletin / Euroclassica
Euroclassica Logo 

Euroclassica, whose aims are pedagogical, cultural and scientific, has the following aims and objectives:
a) to bring together all the associations of teachers of classical languages and civilisations in Europe and to promote their cooperation;
b) to ensure the promotion and defence of the study of classical languages and civilisations, providing a unifying link and a powerful platform for cultural cohesion among European countries, especially through representation at international organisations;
c) to assert publicly the contemporary relevance of classical languages and civilisations, and to highlight the pressing need to teach them, fully respecting the autonomy of each country;
d) to encourage cooperation with associations outside Europe which have similar aims.

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