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Annotated Corpus of Luwian Texts

[First posted in AWOL 23 April 2014, updated 27 July 2021]

Annotated Corpus of Luwian Texts

This website represents the latest product of the project Annotated Corpus of Luwian Texts (ACLT2). The earlier version of the corpus (ACLT1) is available here. The main innovation of the second version is the presentation of the data as a parallel corpus, featuring sentences in transcription and transliteration. In addition, ACLT2 has been enhanced with additional search options and sometimes features new linguistic interpretations.

The linguistic content of ACLT2 represents the responsibility of Dr. Habil. Ilya Yakubovich, while the computer solutions (based on the Tsakorpus corpus platform) are those of Dr. Timofey Arkhangelskiy. The corrections of both linguistic and technical errors will be warmly welcomed. We are grateful to Dr. Anna Bauer for numerous corrections and suggestions.

In addition to ACLT1 and ACLT2, the Luwian hieroglyphic texts can also be accessed at the website of the eDiAna project. The Luwian corpus of the eDiAna project represents a derivative of ACLT1 but undergoes a development of its own, which remains the responsibility of the eDiAna team. The ACLT and eDiAna projects are official collaboration partners. It is assumed that eDiAna is primarily a linguistic project, whereas ACLT2 is primarily an improved search engine. Nevertheless, the annotations of eDiAna and ACLT 2 may occasionally differ from one another and should be compared for best results.

Purpose of the Corpus

This corpus is primarily conceived as a search engine and pedagogical tool, aimed at all who study the Luwian hieroglyphic inscriptions of the Iron Age. It represents the refined version of ACLT, developed by Dr. Timofey Arkhangelskiy and Dr. Ilya Yakubovich, who are respectively responsible for enhancing the search and presentation options and updating linguistic information. Another Luwian corpus, likewise derived from ACLT, has been developed within the framework of the eDiAna project and is available at http://www.dwaks.gwi.uni-muenchen.de/alt/corpus.php. It lacks many search options available here but is linked to synchronic and etymological lemmata, which enhances its academic value.

If the interpretations of this corpus are identical of those of the eDiAna project, the readers are encouraged to cite the latter, where they are accompanied by substantial linguistic discussion. In the instance of divergent interpretations, it is recommended to contact Ilya Yakubovich (sogdiana783.AT.gmail.com) and refer to his personal communications if necessary. The direct citation from this corpus in academic works is discouraged, as it does not correspond to its primary purpose. If, however, one deems it unavoidable, the suggested abbreviation is ACLT2

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