Thursday, July 1, 2021

Kyprianos Update (1 July 2021)

Black and white tracing of Freer papyrus F1908.45, containing two demonic figures below a series of cross-shaped characters.
We’ve just posted our latest update to the Kyprianos Database of Ancient Ritual Texts and Objects. As well as correcting some small mistakes in manuscript, text, and archive entries, the biggest change is that the texts entries now contains a field for tracings of the magical images and diagrams (called tableaux) which accompany them. You can see an example on the right, taken from F1908.45.12, a strange papyrus with no legible text, perhaps some kind of amulet. There are 19 tracings in the current update, and we’ll continue to add them to new texts with each forthcoming update.

The update includes:



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