Friday, October 9, 2020

The Egypt Centre Online Collection (Swansea)

The Egypt Centre Online Collection (Swansea)

 There are over 5000 items in the collection, most of which were collected by the pharmacist Sir Henry Wellcome. The collection arrived in Swansea in 1971 as part of the distribution of Wellcome’s objects. The Egypt Centre, as it is now known, opened its doors in 1998, and focuses on the Preservation of the Collection and Collection Management, Learning and Teaching, and Widening Participation.

The online collection catalogue (Abaset) was designed specifically with the Egypt Centre in mind. Sam Powell, as a student at Swansea University and volunteer at the Egypt Centre, used her experience of working with the collection to design a bespoke new platform that would allow the collection to be appreciated virtually. Through working closely with the Egypt Centre staff, Abaset has been honed to ensure that the user experience is as intuitive as possible, and meeting the needs of a diverse collection. 

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