Tuesday, October 20, 2020

New Open Access Monograph Series: The Ancient History Bulletin Supplementary Volumes

The Ancient History Bulletin Supplementary Volumes

In addition to regular issues of the journal, The Ancient History Bulletin publishes occasional Supplementary Volumes devoted to particular themes. Supplementary Volumes are usually edited by guest editors but they follow the editorial policies and style of the journal and are published with the ISSN 0835-3638. Material for the Supplementary Volumes undergoes the same blind refereeing as contributions to the regular journal.

 Supplementary Volumes shall be published under a Gold Open Access creative commons license, with copyright retained by the authors. All content will be available as no cost downloads.

The following criteria govern to the Supplementary Volumes:

(a) The aim of the series, which will appear at irregular intervals, is to promote research in the field of the Ancient History of the Mediterranean and affiliated regions by facilitating the publication of monographs, editions, and collections of articles that are the result of original academic research.

(b) Proposals for Supplementary Volumes should be submitted to the Senior Editor.

(c) The Editorial Board of The Ancient History Bulletin shall undertake the administration of the Supplements according to its guidelines for all published content.

(d) A Guest Editor may be appointed by the Senior Editor with the approval of the Editorial Board.

(e) The financial cost of the Supplementary Volume will be limited to the expenses involved in setting aside the 24 month open-access embargo. This cost shall be negotiated by the Senior Editor based on the size and complexity of the project.

Vol. 1: The Dancing Floor of Ares. Local Conflict and Regional Violence in Central Greece, edited by Fabienne Marchand and Hans Beck

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