Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Digital Classicist Wiki: Greco-Roman Prosopographies

The Digital Classicist Wiki: Greco-Roman Prosopographies

The beginnings of a collation of prosopographies of Greco-Roman and other Ancient persons/names, both digital and in print.

Title Online? URIs? RDF? Alignments References

Analytical Onomasticon to the Metamorphoses of Ovid (DC wiki) Y (Y)

(Now moribund, but online and stable ids for persons)
Athenian Onomasticon Y

Celtic Personal Names of Roman Britain (dcwiki) Y (Y)

linked to RIB; "non-cool" URLs
Datenbank der demotisch und griechisch bezeugten Personen aus Soknopaiu Nesos (DC wiki) Y

Dictionary of Classical Mythology (by M.R. Wright) Y N N N (PDFs online at University of Patras)
Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (Smith) (DC wiki) Y Y
Y (e.g. Alexander 3)
Digital Prosopography of the Roman Republic (DC wiki) Y Y Y
(based around Broughton)
Early Mediaeval Inscriptions (addenda to PLRE) Y

Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg (EDH) (DC wiki) Y (Y)

Fasti of Late Antique Aphrodiasias (part of ALA) Y (Y)
Hellenistic Babylonia: Texts, Images and Names (DC wiki) Y

Kerameikos (painters and potters) (DC wiki) Y Y Y

Laterculi Praesidium (DC wiki) Y

Lexicon of Greek Personal Names (LGPN) (DC wiki) Y Y Y

Nomisma (issuers and authorities of coins) (DC wiki) Y Y Y

Persons of Ancient Athens (PAA) (DC wiki) Y

Prêtres Civiques (DC wiki) Y

Prosopographia Attica (Y)

(Kirchner 1903 vol. 1 vol.2)
Nachträge zur Prosopographia Attica (Behind HathiTrust login) (Y)

(Sundwall 1910)
Prosopographia Imperii Romani (PIR)
Prosopographia Ptolemaica / Trismegistos (DC wiki) Y Y Y Y
Prosopographie der Lakedämonier

(Poralla 1913)
Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit (PMBZ) (DC wiki) Y

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire (PBE) (DC wiki) Y Y

(Originally published on CD Rom—now online)
Prosopography of the Byzantine World (PBW) (DC wiki) Y Y
Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire (PLRE) N

Roman Emperors (DC wiki) Y Y Y viaf, dbpedia, nomisma
Roman Government of Britain/Fasti of Roman Britain



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