Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Hittite Personal Names

Hittite Personal Names


Version 0.1


Hittite Personal Names is a database on the PNs attested in the Hittite written sources (cuneiform texts, seals, and hieroglyphic inscriptions). It is based on the available publications and repertoires (including M.-C. Trémouille’s Répertoire Onomastique at HPM), expanded and integrated by a non-systematic review of the secondary literature as well as by original research. Valuable data sets have been provided by Marco Marizza (cuneiform texts, Boğazköy seal impressions) and Max Gander (PNs from Ortaköy/Šapinuwa). Corrections and feedback of any kind are welcome and gratefully acknowledged.

The database consists of a repertoire of attestations and a general PNs list which is integrated in the search tool Hittite Name Finder.

Spellings are provided in exceptional cases only. The normalization of PNs spelled with hetherographic elements is still non-systematic in the present version.

Presently includes:

Cuneiform texts: KBo 27-70, KUB 51-60; ABoT 2 (=CHDS 1); IBoT 4; HKM; KuSa I/1 and other fragments from Kuşaklı/Šarišsa; FHL; HTAC (= HFAC); VSNF 12; StBoTB 4; CHDS 2; CHDS 3; DAAM 1; DBH 43 (Bo 8264-Bo 8485); DBH 46 (Bo 4658-Bo 5000); UBT (Bo 8486-Bo 8694).

Seals: BoHa 19 & 22; StBoTB 4; BoBe 8.

Coming soon (or late...):

Cuneiform texts: KBo 14; HPMM 6; Laroche, NH and NH Suppl.; PNs from Ortaköy/Šapinuwa.

Seals: BoHa 5 (Th. Beran); BoHa 14 (R.M. Boehmer & H.G. Güterbock); seals from outside Ḫattuša (StMed 6 & others).

Inscriptions: LBA hieroglyphic inscriptions and graffiti.

Project Attestations

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