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ASOR Archives Finding Aids Online

 [First posted in AWOL 13 July 2010. Updated 14 October 2020]

The ASOR Archives


The ASOR Archives house materials documenting the long history of ASOR’s contributions to archaeology.

The Archives project was originally funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and has also benefited from the generous support of the W. Mark Lanier Theological Library and the David Berg Foundation. The goals of the Archives project are to make ASOR’s records accessible to the public by arranging the materials into discrete collections, describing the content of each collection, and digitizing materials of historical significance.

The ASOR Archives hold over a century of records. This list represents materials that have been or are in the process of being organized and digitized.

Archival Collections By Subject

Administrative Records
Board of Trustees Records

Excavation Records
Dhahr Mirzbaneh Excavation Records
Diban Excavation Records
Khirbet et Tannur Excavation Records
ASOR Excavation Records
Issawiya Tomb Excavation Records
Jerash Excavation Records
Nippur Excavation Photograph Collection
Shechem Excavation Records
Tell el-Kheleifeh Excavation Records

Photograph Collections
American Palestine Exploration Society (A.P.E.S.) Photograph Collection
Glass Plate Negatives Collection
Nelson Glueck Photograph Collection
Nippur Excavation Photograph Collection

Presidential Records
A. Henry Detweiler Papers
Carl Kraeling Papers
G. Ernest Wright Papers

Professional & Personal Papers
Carl Kraeling Papers
Clarence Fisher Papers
Edmund Irwin Gordon Papers
G. Ernest Wright Papers
Nelson Glueck Papers
William Foxwell Albright Papers

Biblical Archaeologist / Near Eastern Archaeology Collection
ASOR Newsletter Collection
Bulletin of ASOR Collection
Journal of Cuneiform Studies Collection

Schools & Committees
Agency for International Development Collection
American School of Oriental Research in
Jerusalem (AIA Committee) Records
ASOR Jerusalem School Records
Ancient Manuscripts Committee Records
Committee on Archaeological Policy

General Collections
Subject File


Coll. 001. American Schools of Oriental Research Newsletter Collection
This collection contains a full run of the ASOR Newsletters from 1939-1995. The newsletters contain information about ASOR projects, events such as annual meetings and conferences, fundraising efforts, grant awards, and administrative announcements. Back issues from 1996 to the present are available online. Collection Inventory

Coll. 002. William Foxwell Albright Papers
This collection contains the materials generated by William F. Albright during his long association with ASOR. The collection spans from 1936-1964 and includes materials from Albright’s time as Director of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem. It also includes a significant amount of correspondence with other archaeologists and ASOR colleagues regarding research, excavations, new archaeological methods, and logistical aspects of publishing ASOR bulletins, journals, scholarly papers and monographs. Collection Inventory

Coll. 003. Ancient Manuscripts Committee Records
The Ancient Manuscripts Committee was originally founded as the Dead Sea Scrolls Committee. The majority of the collection is correspondence regarding the study, publication rights, and preservation of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the funding of the Committee. The records date from 1963 to 1981. Collection Inventory

Coll. 004. American Palestine Exploration Society Photograph Collection
The Tancrede Dumas Photograph Collection contains photographs of archaeological sites in Palestine and Lebanon. The photographs were taken during the 1875 expedition of the American Palestine Exploration Society. Collection Inventory

Coll. 006. Board of Trustees Records
The Board of Trustees Collection contains board meeting minutes from 1921-1989. Collection Inventory

Coll. 007. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research Collection
The BASOR Collection contains early volumes of the Bulletin, as well as original photographs, article submissions, and other materials published in the Bulletin. The materials date from 1919-1974. Collection Inventory

Coll. 008. Committee on Archaeological Policy Records
The CAP Records document the committee’s activities, such as providing funding and support to affiliated researchers. This collection has not yet been processed.

Coll. 009. American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem Records, held at the Archaeological Institute of America
ASOR began as a subcommittee of the AIA, and ASOR’s earliest records are held there. The materials date from 1900 to the early 1920s. This collection is being processed.

Coll. 010. Nelson Glueck Papers
The Nelson Glueck Papers contain the professional correspondence, diaries, and photographs of this eminent biblical archaeologist. Materials in the collection date from the early 1930s to 2008. Glueck’s correspondence and diaries can be viewed in an online exhibit made possible by the David Bern Foundation and the W. Mark Lanier Theological Library.

Coll. 011. A. Henry Detweiler Papers
The A. Henry Detweiler Papers document Detweiler’s years as ASOR president. Collection Inventory

Coll. 012. Carl Kraeling Papers
The Kraeling Papers document Kraeling’s years as ASOR president. The collection primarily contains correspondence with ASOR colleagues and archaeologists. Kraeling supported the continued study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and encouraged humanitarian awareness for Near Eastern refugees during a turbulent period in the area’s history. The records span from 1947 to 1955. Collection Inventory

Coll. 013. Tell el-Kheleifeh Excavation Records
The Tell el-Kheleifeh Excavation Records document the ASOR excavation directed by Nelson Glueck from 1938 to 1940. The records include level books, artifact registries, excavation diaries, and photographs. Collection Inventory

Coll. 014. Khirbet et-Tannur Excavation Records
The Khirbet et-Tannur Excavation Records document the 1938 excavation of a Nabataean temple. The excavation was directed by Nelson Glueck. The collection includes level books, excavation diaries, artifacts, and photographs.

Coll. 015. Edmund Irwin Gordon Papers
This collection documents the life and career of Edmund Gordon. Gordon was a scholar of Near Eastern languages. He served in WWII as a signal intelligence specialist, and later studied at the ASOR Jerusalem School. The collection spans 1934-1984.

Coll. 016 ASOR Jerusalem School Collection
This collection contains financial documents, ledgers, correspondence, as well as legal materials. All pertain to the administration of the school. The collection also contains artifact drawings and photographs of the many excavations affiliated with ASOR.

Coll. 017 Shechem Excavation Records
This collection contains administrative and financial records, correspondence, site reports, field notes, artifact registries, top plans, pottery drawings, and photographs of the site and artifacts found there. Additionally, the collection includes a manuscript of Shechem: The Biography of a Biblical City by G. Ernest Wright, as well as an operetta about the excavation that was written and performed by participants in the 1962 excavation season.

Coll. 018. G. Ernest Wright Papers
The G. Ernest Wright Papers span from 1957-1972. The collection primarily contains correspondence documenting ASOR administration, the founding of the journal Biblical Archaeologist, Wright’s participation in the Shechem excavation, and his service as visiting archaeological director of Hebrew Union College. Wright was elected ASOR president in 1965, and worked with the organization until his death in 1974.

Coll. 019. Diban Excavation Records
This collection documents the excavation of Diban in Jordan by Frederick V. Winnett from 1950-1965. The collection contains photographs, correspondence, and artifacts registries. Collection Inventory

Coll. 020. Clarence Fisher Papers
This collection primarily documents Fisher’s academic and professional life. The collection contains his exhaustive pottery corpus, writings, architectural and artifact sketches, correspondence, creative writing, and excavation diaries. The bulk of the materials pertain to the analysis of Near Eastern pottery. The materials date from 1859-1957.

Coll. 021. Issawiya Tomb Excavation Records
This collection documents the excavation of a Herodian tomb discovered underneath a field on the hillock of Ras el Jami in Issawiya, a neighborhood of Jerusalem just north of Mount Scopus. The collection contains photographs and journals, and a diary kept by Carl Graesser. The collection spans 1970-1995. Collection Inventory

Coll. 022 Jerash Excavation Records
The collection contains primarily photographs and correspondence documenting different areas of the excavation. Two sketchbooks include detailed architectural drawings and some journal entries. The General file has an excavation report. With this collection is a wood printing plate of the site map. The materials date from 1928 to 1952.

Coll. 023 Biblical Archaeologist / Near Eastern Archaeology Collection
This collection contains Biblical Archaeologist and Near Eastern Archaeology, magazines published by ASOR. The magazines contain scholarly articles, field notes, book reviews, and photographs all pertaining to the art, archaeology and history of the cultures of the ancient Near East. Collection Inventory

Coll. 024 Journal of Cuneiform Studies Collection
This collection contains published journals between 1951 and 2009 with some gaps. Collection Inventory

Coll. 025 Dhahr Mirzbaneh Excavation Records
This collection contains the original manuscript of Paul Lapp’s book, The Dhahr Mirzbaneh Tombs: Three Immediate Bronze Age Cemeteries in Jordan (1966), along with the figures and plates used in its creation. The collection also includes notes and drawings by architect David Voelter.

Coll. 026 Nippur Excavation Photograph Collection
This collection includes over 300 cyanotype photographs depicting artifacts, architecture, and scenes of excavation work from the Nippur Excavations of the University of Pennsylvania covering 1888-1900. In addition to their archaeological interest, the images are notable for their portrayal of the lives of the Arab laborers who worked on the excavation.

Coll. 027 The Nelson Glueck Photograph Collection
This collection contains a photograph index compiled for Glueck’s research. The photographs documents hundreds of sites. Many, but not all of the photographs were taken by Glueck.

Coll. 028 Subject File
This collection contains miscellaneous materials organized alphabetically by subject.

Coll. 029 ASOR Excavation Records
This collection is comprised of grant applications, correspondence, financial records, newsletters, budgets, publications, reports, account books, and photographs from a number of ASOR affiliated excavations.

Coll. 030 ASOR Glass Plate Negative Collection
This collection contains glass plate negative photographs from Beth El, Beth Zur, Tel Beit Mirsim, and Tel el Ful. The photos were taken between 1932 – 1935.

Coll. 032 Agency for International Development Collection
This collection contains information about ASOR’s relationship with the Agency for International Development (AID). The content includes correspondence, financial documents, grant proposals, and reports.

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