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Studies in Rabbinic Hebrew

Studies in Rabbinic Hebrew
Shai Heijmans (ed.)
Studies in Rabbinic Hebrew
This volume presents a collection of articles centring on the language of the Mishnah and the Talmud – the most important Jewish texts (after the Bible), which were compiled in Palestine and Babylonia in the latter centuries of Late Antiquity. Despite the fact that Rabbinic Hebrew has been the subject of growing academic interest across the past century, very little scholarship has been written on it in English.

Studies in Rabbinic Hebrew addresses this lacuna, with eight lucid but technically rigorous articles written in English by a range of experienced scholars, focusing on various aspects of Rabbinic Hebrew: its phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics and lexicon. This volume is essential reading for students and scholars of Rabbinic studies alike, and constitutes the second in a new series, Studies in Semitic Languages and Cultures, in collaboration with the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge.

Introduction Download
Shai Heijmans
1. Rabba and Rava, ʾAbba and ʾAva: Spelling, Pronunciation and Meaning Download
Yochanan Breuer
2. The Vocalisation of MS Cambridge of the Mishnah: An Encounter Between Traditions Download
Yehudit Henshke
3. Adjacency Pairs and Argumentative Steps in The Halakhic Give-and-Take Conversations in The Mishnah Download
Rivka Shemesh-Raiskin
4. Tannaitic Aramaic: Methodological Remarks and a Test Case Download
Christian Stadel
5. Rabbinic Entries in R. Judah Ibn-Tibbon's Translation of Duties of the Hearts Download
Barak Avirbach
6. The Distinction Between Branches of Rabbinic Hebrew in Light of the Hebrew of the Late Midrash Download
Yehonatan Wormser
7. Two Textual Versions of Psiqata of the Ten Commandments Download
Shlomi Efrati
8. Vowel Reduction in Greek Loanwords in the Mishnah: The Phenomenon and Its Significance Download
Shai Heijmans
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