Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions

Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions
Conceived and compiled by Tom Elliott (tom_elliott@unc.edu) for the ASGLE web site
Copyright 1998 by Tom Elliott

These lists may be used, reproduced and distributed for any academic purpose that does not generate profit so long as the title and authorship information, and the copyright notice, remain attached.
This page provides access to a series of lists containing abbreviations found in Latin inscriptions. The series represents a new compilation of such abbreviations, assembled from digital texts of all Latin inscriptions published in L’Année Épigraphique between 1888 and 1993. For a description of the methods used to compile these lists (and the limitations resulting therefrom) please see the Methods and Limitations section, below.

There are two sets of lists, one containing common abbreviations (those occurring more than 10 times in the inscriptions sampled), and another containing all the abbreviations that occur in the inscriptions sampled. Please note the file sizes listed next to each link; the complete listings in particular are quite large and may take a significant amount of time to download and format for viewing.

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