Sunday, November 20, 2016

MENA Archaeo-Activism

 Readers of AWOL are invited to participate in this emerging collective effort

MENA Archaeo-Activism
Archaeologists seek to conduct original research, educate, and reach out to the public. With an eye toward these last two goals in particular, this group is dedicated to using our skills in ways to promote a better and safer America through education and public outreach. As archaeologists who work in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, we are uniquely positioned to advocate on behalf of cultural heritage and stakeholder communities in the US and the MENA region. In particular, we can reach out to communities now at-risk in the US and help them advocate for safe and stable futures. Also, we are uniquely positioned to be ambassadors between the US and the countries and cultures of the MENA region. We commit to advocating for positive policies regarding refugees, students, colleagues, and cultural heritage. We believe in a country and a discipline open to all and will advocate on behalf of threatened people and sites wherever they may be. 

Action in our communities

How we can take action as individuals in our communities to make a difference.
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Action in government

How to reach out to governmental officials in order to effect change.
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