Saturday, November 12, 2016

Open Access Journal: The Bulletin of Nabataean Studies (BNS)

[First posted in AWOL 31 October 2009. Updated 12 November 2016]

The Bulletin of Nabataean Studies (BNS) 
ISSN: 1662-1379
The Bulletin of Nabataean Studies (BNS) is a freely accessible academic web resource. Its goals are: Updating all scholars interested in Nabataean culture and history; and promoting contacts and scientific exchanges among experts from different areas. 
Until the end of 2005 BNS was hosted by the Department of Asiatic Studies – University „L’Orientale“ , Naples (Italy) (UNO), and carried out by Giancarlo Lacerenza (Ph. D., Semitics), within the framework of the scientific activities backed by the Chair of Ancient Near Eastern History (Prof. Carlo Zaccagnini).
The BNS International Committee of Referees includes: Khairieh ’Amr (Amman), Hannah M. Cotton (Jerusalem), John F. Healey (Manchester), Michael C. A. Macdonald (Oxford), Laïla Nehmé (Paris), Emile Puech (Jerusalem), Robert Wenning (Münster), Ada Yardeni (Jerusalem).

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