Thursday, November 17, 2016

YOCOCU (YOuth in COnservation of CUltural heritage)

Researches, conservation and restoration operations in the field of cultural heritage are often the result of a balance between two contributions: the experience and the creativity. Cultural heritage consists of unique artifacts that require a great experience for their conservation and valorization. On the other hand, they constitute new challenges to be approached through new ideas and a strong creativity, aspects often characteristic of young professionals and researchers. YOCOCU (Youth in Conservation of Cultural heritage) intends to focus on the contribution of these people, but itneeds solutions. It needs change. It needs action. It need all professional both young than senior
The main aim is:

a) to promote conservation and valorization of cultural heritage
b) to give a voice to young professionals, to provide them with tools and opportunities to show their participation in the development of the sector.
c) to match senior conservators with junior professionals

Other important topics are: to show and recognize researches and professional activities developed by the youths and to promote a dialog on occupational strategies for the young professionals in an interdisciplinary environment. The active participation of a young and senior person is an extraordinary way to spread the needs of cultural heritage conservation within the community, relating more easily with a dynamic society and with the future generations. For this, it’s necessary to offer to all young people, including those who have no affiliation and fewer opportunities, to get involved and give their contribution.

In YOCOCU senior and young professionals, students and researchers are called to increase and strengthen their consciousness to be the main actors of the present and future society and TO DEVELOP NEW WAYS AND METHODS OF KNOWLDGE. This is the reason of YOCOCU: ALL works together for a collective interest and show this in an unique association open to all. The senior professionals are strongly invited to participate to this process and to exchange your ideas and experiences with young professionals.

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