Thursday, November 3, 2016

Open Access Journal: British Institute of Persian Studies Newsletter

[Fist posted in AWOL 6  June 2012, updated 3 November 2016]

British Institute of Persian Studies Newsletter
Starting under the first director, Professor David Stronach, BIPS sponsored important archaeological work on sites such as Pasargardae, Nush-i Jan, Shahr-i Qumis, Haftavan, Baba Jan and Siraf. With archaeological work in Iran presently restricted, BIPS activities are mainly based in the UK although it sponsors visits by academics and students to Iran. BIPS awards grants each year for projects in different fields. These grants are awarded both for visits to Iran or work in the UK.

BIPS organises periodic seminars and workshops in the UK, at which scholars supported by the Institute and others come together to read and discuss papers and meet individuals from home and overseas involved in different aspects of Persian Studies. There are also occasional lectures which are open to all.

BIPS greatly welcomes new members. It is hoped to expand membership, (currently some 400), to all those involved or interested in this field. Members receive copies of the journal IRAN and are kept informed about lectures, seminars and other events. Those interested in joining are invited to fill in the membership form and send it to the Secretary. Any donations will benefit Persian Studies and are greatly appreciated.
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