Monday, July 9, 2012

Open Access Journal: Theological Studies

Theological Studies
Theological Studies is a quarterly journal of theology, published under the auspices of the Jesuits in the USA. Located at Marquette University, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it is under the general editorship of David G. Schultenover, SJ, in concert with its editorial consultants. Its book review editor is R. Daniel Kendall, S.J., of the University of San Francisco.

 Founded and sponsored by the Society of Jesus in the United States of America, Theological Studies is a Catholic scholarly journal that serves the Church and its mission by promoting a deeper understanding of the Christian faith through the publication of research in theological disciples. Through refereed articles and reviews of noteworthy books, the journal aims to recover and to help make accessible the riches of the theological tradition, and to present significant developments in current theology. It is published quarterly in English for an international readership.

Theological Studies is now making past articles as well as book reviews available for individual download, after the item has been in print publication for five full years (e.g., those published in 2006 are available for download beginning in the year 2012). Some notes:
  • Visitors are welcome to make single copies of articles from Theological Studies. Those who want multiple copies (for classroom use, for example) must get the necessary permission from Copyright Clearance Center and pay the royalty fee. To do this click on the icon: Go to CCC website
  • If you download only a single copy of an article for personal use, we request a small user’s fee to cover administrative costs of putting our past content online. To make your contribution, please click the “Donate” button on the left-hand side of this page.
  • Visitors will experience the search features best when they have the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome (all of which employ JavaScript and AJAX).
  • The articles have been rendered in Adobe Acrobat's text format, so that users can select and copy text from the PDF files (i.e., they have all been OCR'ed).

Go to download articles.

The search page provides a dynamic search feature that allows the visitor to find PDF versions of past articles by entering in an author's name, a title of a past article (or a partial title or keyword) or a volume number. Note: the search feature does not allow a search by year of appearance, but since TS has been in continual publication since 1940 (with its volume 1), the simple mathematical formula (Year of Publication) - 1939 = Volume number will allow the user to enter the correct volume number for the known year of publication (e.g., a year of publication in 2000, minus 1939, will result in the correct volume of 61).

Go to book reviews and shorter notices

Clicking on the PDF link for a given issue of the journal will take you to the reviews and notices for that issue. These you can then page through and/or search by typing word(s) into the search box on the menu bar in Adobe Acrobat (or your PDF reader, such as Preview on the Mac).

Access to the Most Recent Issues (for individual paid subscribers only)

If you are a current individual subscriber to Theological Studies you can access your currently subscribed issue and articles by following this link.

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