Monday, July 9, 2012

Ebla Digital Archives Update

The editors of the Ebla Digital Archives project are pleased to announce a major update to their database. The texts edited in ARETXII (M. Lahlouh - A. Catagnoti 2008) - consisting of more than 1,400 fragments - have been added to the corpus. This now contains nearly 3,000 documents, including administrative, literary, and "chancellery" texts. Their content has been encoded according to graphemic criteria which make possible to perform searches on specific class of words (personal names, divine names, toponyms, etc.). This, combined with the advanced search capability through regular expressions, allows for instance to quickly spot variant spellings of a given word.

The project is now entering in a second phase of development. Besides administrative texts (ARET XV-1 by F. Pomponio and selected texts from the MEE volumes), lexical texts (ARES IV by M. Civil) and other useful tools are scheduled for the next future, including a comprehensive catalogue, a bibliography for the individual tablets, and a quick reference glossary.

Ebla Digital Archives project is based at, and funded by Ca'Foscari University of Venice.

  L. Milano - M. Maiocchi
 See the Ebla Digital Archives Project in AWOL.

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