Sunday, July 29, 2012

All Unicode Characters

Codepoints is dedicated to all the characters, that are defined in the Unicode Standard. Theoretically, these should be all characters ever used. In practice Unicode has 110181 codepoints defined at the moment, mapping characters from Egyptian Hieroglyphs to Dingbats and Symbols.
All codepoints are arranged in 16 so-called planes. These planes are further divided into several blocks with Basic Latin being the first one. You can browse one by one by starting with the first codepoint, 0000 or search for a specific character. If you’re not fully sure, try “Find My Codepoint”, to narrow down the candidates. Or maybe you are more daring and want a random codepoint

The content on this website reflects the information found in
The Unicode Consortium.
The Unicode Standard, Version 6.1.0, (Mountain View, CA: The Unicode Consortium, 2012. ISBN 978-1-936213-02-3)
which happens to be the most relevant version of the Unicode Standard as of June, 2012. 
Browse Codepoints by Script
Arabic Imperial Aramaic Armenian Avestan Balinese Bamum Batak Bengali Bopomofo Brahmi Braille Buginese Buhid Chakma Canadian Aboriginal Carian Cham Cherokee Coptic Cypriot Cyrillic Devanagari Deseret Egyptian Hieroglyphs Ethiopic Georgian Glagolitic Gothic Greek Gujarati Gurmukhi Hangul Han Hanunoo Hebrew Hiragana Katakana Or Hiragana Old Italic Javanese Kayah Li Katakana Kharoshthi Khmer Kannada Kaithi Tai Tham Lao Latin Lepcha Limbu Linear B Lisu Lycian Lydian Mandaic Meroitic Cursive Meroitic Hieroglyphs Malayalam Mongolian Meetei Mayek Myanmar Nko Ogham Ol Chiki Old Turkic Oriya Osmanya Phags Pa Inscriptional Pahlavi Phoenician Miao Inscriptional Parthian Rejang Runic Samaritan Old South Arabian Saurashtra Shavian Sharada Sinhala Sora Sompeng Sundanese Syloti Nagri Syriac Tagbanwa Takri Tai Le New Tai Lue Tamil Tai Viet Telugu Tifinagh Tagalog Thaana Thai Tibetan Ugaritic Vai Old Persian Cuneiform Yi Inherited Common Unknown

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