Friday, July 20, 2012

Homer Multitext Project: Images

Digital images in the Homer Multitext project
Since 2007, when the Homer Multitext project photographed three manuscripts in Venice, digital images have been a fundamental component of the project.  With all of our digital resources, our aims are first to make archival-quality sources fully available for downloading, then to publish them in internet services allowing retrieval by canonical citation, and finally to develop end-user applications drawing canonically cited material from our services.

In our reorganization of HMT material this summer, we have gathered archival versions of our images in a single location, linked from the new 'data' section of our web site or directly accessible from  The image archive currently includes approximately 10,000 digital images of five manuscripts.  As I am posting this note, the entire archive is being mirrored at the College of the Holy Cross — a process that, even at internet speed, will take a few days to complete.

All images are available under the terms of a Creative Commons attribution license: further details are included in README files for each data set.  We include md5 checksums for each image so that you can verify that downloads have not been corrupted.

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