Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Open Access (limited time) Issue of BASOR

The latest issues of the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (No. 366, May 2012) is now available to subscribers at JSTOR

This is the first issue of BASOR to appear in color.

Even if you are not (yet) a subscriber, you can get access to this issue until July 31 free of charge. Just follow this link and set up a MyJSTOR account

the instructions are also available at ASOR's facebook page

A linked Table of Contents follows below.

Front Matter

The Long Life of a Dead King: A Bronze Statue from Hazor in Its Ancient Near Eastern Context Tallay Ornan

The Sanctuary at Mizpe Yammim: Phoenician Cult and Territory in the Upper Galilee during the Persian Period
Andrea M. Berlin and Rafael Frankel

Review: Evolution of Lithic Economies in the Levantine Neolithic: Development and Demise of Naviform Core Technology as Seen from ʿAin Ghazal, ʿAin Ghazal Excavation Reports, Volume 2. Berlin: ex oriente, 2010. xiv + 184 pp., 7 figures, 51 plates, 10 tables. Cloth. €72.00. by Leslie A. Quintero
Review by: Donald O. Henry

Review: Nuzi Texts and Their Uses as Historical Evidence, Writings from the Ancient World, Number 18. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2010. xxvi + 296 pp. Paper. $34.95. by Maynard Paul Maidman
Review by: Eva von Dassow

Review: Nomads, Tribes, and the State in the Ancient Near East: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, edited by Jeffrey Szuchman. Oriental Institute Seminars, Number 5. Chicago: Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2009. xvi + 288 pp., 70 figures, 7 tables. Paper. $24.95. [Distributed in North America by The David Brown Book Company]
Review by: Alison Betts
     [n.b.  The full text of the reviewed volume is online at the Oriental Institute]

Review: Art and Society in Cyprus from the Bronze Age into the Iron Age, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009. xviii + 397 pp., 100 figures, 4 tables. Cloth. $90.00. by Joanna S. Smith
Review by: Kevin D. Fisher

Review: Ancient Cyprus in the British Museum: Essays in Honour of Veronica Tatton-Brown, edited by Thomas Kiely. British Museum Research Publication Number 180. London: The British Museum, 2009. viii + 100 pp., 42 figures, 50 plates, 1 table. Paper. $50.00. [Distributed in North America by The David Brown Book Company]
Review by: Derek B. Counts

Review: Wadi Araba in Classical and Late Antiquity: An Historical Geography, BAR International Series 2173. Oxford: Archaeopress, 2010. x + 141 pp., 102 figures. Paper. £34.00. [Distributed in North America by The David Brown Book Company] by Andrew M. Smith II
Review by: Burton MacDonald

Back Matter

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