Friday, June 15, 2012

Archive of Industrial establishments and workshops in the Aegean

Industrial establishments and workshops in the Aegean
General Information
The collection gathers documentary material from our Institute’s activities on the preservation of the industrial heritage and workshops in the Aegean. It is based on our attempt to register worthy industrial activity, plants as well as artisan workshops, during the process of creating a History of the enterprise. The colleagues that collaborated in this issue are historians and architects, namely Ioanna Vallina, Katerina Dede, Maria Mavroidi, Yiorgos Paschalides, Evdokia Olympitou and Evridiki Sifnaiou. 
Content (material included)
The photos of the collection derive from original shots of the industrial establishments and workshops, photos of documents and objects belonging to the units documented. Photos already published are mentioned by their source.

A component of Pandektis.

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