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Open Access Publications: Urkesh Electronic Library

 [First posted in AWOL 24 July 2009, Updated 12 June 2012]

Urkesh Electronic Library
Editor: Giorgio Buccellati
Associate Editor: Fanxi Xu

We include here the electronic version of titles published by members of the staff or by colleagues who had access to primary material from the excavations. "Electronic" means that these are simply mirror copies of paper editions, with no claim at having been originally conceived as digital. A properly digital publication of the data is given in the full Urkesh website, for now available through a password only to members of the staff.

For some of the titles published in languages other than English, we offer here the English version.

An intermediate series was offered through the IIMAS Digital Library

A separate General bibliography lists other titles of interest
Mozan 1: The Soundings of the First Two Seasons
Bounni Volume: “Trade in Metals”
SAOC 47: “A New Third Millennium Sculpture from Mozan”
Mozan 2: Epigraphic Finds
Reallexikon der Assyriologie 8 (5/6): “Mozan, Tall”
AfO 42-43: “The Royal Storehouse of Urkesh”
Bollettino ... Ticinese 6: “Una manciata di secoli”
SCCNH 8: “Nuzi Viewed from Urkesh”
WZKM 86: “The Seals of the King of Urkesh”
BiblArch 60: “Urkesh, the First Hurrian Capital”
Oxford Encyclopedia 4: “Mozan, Tell”
UMS 3: Urkesh and the Hurrians. The Cotsen Volume
MDOG 131: “Das archäologische Projekt Tall Mozan/Urkeš”
Urbanization and Land Ownership: “Early Hurrian Urbanism”
Webcast: “The Discovery of Ancient Urkesh and the Question of Meaning in Archaeology
Kermes 13: “Urkesh: archeologia, conservazione e restauro”
MDOG 132: The Royal Palace
Spiegel Historiael 35: “De Hurrieten”
Annales Archéologiques: “Royal Palace at Urkesh and Daughter of Naram-Sin”
Archaeology Odyssey 4: “In Search of Hurrian Urkesh”
MDOG 133: “Überlegungen”
MDOG 133: “Überlegungen” (English version)
UMS 4: Gli opifici di Urkesh
Backdirt Fall 2002/Winter 2003: “Beyond Clay and Beyond Paper”
MDOG 134: “Die Große Schnittstelle”
MDOG 134: “Ein Hurritischer Gang in die Unterwelt”
Oates Volume: “Tar'am-Agade, Daughter of Naram-Sin, at Urkesh”
Syrian Jezira: “Mozan/Urkesh: A New Capital in the Northern Djezireh”
Art of the First Cities: “Tell Mozan (Ancient Urkesh)”
Getty Conservation 18: “Conservation at the Core of Archaeological Strategy”
Iraq 65: “A Figurine From Urkesh”
JCS 55: “School Tablet”
Die Welt des Orients: “La civiltà dei Hurriti”
MDOG 136: “Der monumentale Palasthof von Tall Mozan/Urkeš und die stratigraphische Geschichte des ābi”
NEA 67: “A Channel to the Underworld in Syria”
RivTL 9: “Il secondo millennio nella memoria epica di Giuda e Israele”
A View from the Highlands: “Andirons at Urkesh: New Evidence for the Hurrian Identiy of Early Transcaucasian Culture”
SCCNH 15: “The Monumental Urban Complex at Urkesh”
SCCNH 15: “Urkesh and the North: Recent Discoveries”
Of the Past, for the Future: “Conservation qua Archaeology at Tell Mozan/Urkesh”
Of the Past, for the Future: “Presentation and Interprestation of Archaeological Sites: the Case of Tell Mozan, Ancient Urkesh”
Confronting the Past: “An Archaeologist on Mars”
Les Espaces Syro-Mésopotamiens 17: “Gilgamesh at Urkesh? Literary Motifs and Iconographic Identification”
Bulletin of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences 175: “Urkesh and the Question of the Hurrian Homeland”
Backdirt 175: Between Heaven and Hell in Ancient Urkesh“”
Rick Hauser, Reading Figurines. Animal Representations in Terra Cotta from Royal Building AK. – Urkesh/Mozan Studies 5 = Bibliotheca Mesopotamica 28, Malibu: Undena Publications (actually published in 2008).
SAS Bulletin 175: “Using Image Analysis Software to Correlate Sherd Scans in the FIeld and X-Ray Element Maps in the Laboratory”

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