Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ancient World Linked Data plugin for WordPress

Self-hosted WordPress sites can now use the  Awld.js plugin - a javascript library for Ancient World Linked Data
Find out more about the awld.js project on Github.

If you install the javascript on your site, please tweet to the community #lawdi

Phoebe Acheson give an excellent short synopsis of the LAWDI conference including a concise description of Linked Open Data for the ininitiated at LAWDI Conference on Linked Open Data for Ancient Studies.


  1. Those interested in Wordpress plugins can find directions on how to install them at

    Unfortunately, hosted blogs are restricted from using plugins, but if your University hosts an instance of Wordpress for blogs, for example, this plugin should work - talk to your IT administrator if necessary to upload the plugin.

  2. I must say that's an impressive post.