Monday, June 25, 2012

Online Genealogy of the Seleucids

Alex McAuley
Department of History & Classical Studies
McGill University
In the haphazard patchwork that is our understanding of Hellenistic genealogy, the Seleucid dynasty stands out as particularly threadbare.

Despite the wealth of recent scholarship on countless facets of the Seleucid World, the genealogy and descent of the Seleucids themselves has received only sporadic and fragmentary attention.

This site has been created in the hope of producing and presenting as near a comprehensive stemma of the Dynasty as possible. Ancient literary evidence, numismatics, epigraphic remains, and contemporary scholarship have been combined with my own judgement and reasoning in (numerous) cases of controversy.

In the interest of objectivity I have erred on the side of conservatism; all hypotheses and conjectures are indicated as such. For the sake of convenience and accessibility, I have presented all Greek names in their latinized forms.

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