Friday, June 8, 2012

Archives of Archaeology Series Online

Archives of Archaeology
In 1960, at its annual meeting, the Society for American Archaeology authorized the establishment of a new publication series making use of Microcards as the medium of publication. A co-operative agreement was reached with the University of Wisconsin Press to publish the series jointly, an editorial committee was appointed, a name was given to the series (Archives of Archaeology), and a total of 29 reports were eventually added to complete the series.

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  1. Charles--Thanks for posting the announcement that the Archives of Archaeology series is now widely available in digital format. Readers might also be interested that the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR), an international repository for a wide range of archaeological information, which is listed on the AWOL, is where the digital copies can be found. Additional background information about the series is available at

    Thanks for the posting. Frank McManamon