Monday, April 17, 2023

A Comprehensive Bibliography on Syriac Christianity

First posted in AWOL 17 January 2012, updated 17 April 2023]

A Comprehensive Bibliography on Syriac Christianity

This bibliography is published by The Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the editorial direction of Sergey Minov.

This Zotero library is available for a limited time only while the official website ( is under construction. The contents of this Zotero database are copyrighted by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Sergey Minov, 2021. All rights are reserved. It is made available for the personal use of scholars and students interested in Syriac studies.

Please excuse any technical issues due to the temporary nature of this database (for example html tags may display as brackets: <>). The future version of the bibliography will resolve these issues.

Users looking to sort by subject keyword should use the "filter tags" search box on the left. Users looking to search by keyword in title should use the "Title, Creator, Year" search box on the right.

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