Friday, April 21, 2023


RoboGreek facilitates the typing of accented Unicode Greek. It now exists in both a Mac and a Windows version.

Windows: the Windows version is a small app that does not need any installation. Just double-click and the programme starts to monitor the keyboard. Click on the small icon in the icon-tray, or press Alt-0 (zero), and you will start typing UniCode Greek in any Unicode-supporting Windows programme. The keyboard is the same as the WinGreek keyboard, and accents and breathings can be added (details can be found in the programme itself). Press Alt-0 again to turn it off.

The Mac version is a keyboard bundle, which reprogrammes the CapsLock key as a switch between an ordinary keyboard and the Greek one.

Windows version - now at 1.5 / 1.6 beta (January 2021)

  • July 2015 - Version 1.01 fixes a long-standing bug with rho/breathings, and iota subscript/circumflex
  • August 2018 - Version 1.2 fixes a bug that prevented capital letters from being accented
  • April 2019 - Version 1.3 adds lunate sigma to the keyboard (using the 'v' key)
  • April 2020 - Version 1.31 corrects some errors in the help screen, and adds a PDF manual
  • April 2020 - Version 1.32 adds the medial dot (accessed by pressing SHIFT + ; and enables CapsLock in Greek mode
  • April 2020 - Version 1.4 fixes a problem with grave accents with capital E/I, and updates RoboGreek to use the latest Unicode specifications for vowels with acute accents.
  • January 2021 - Version 1.5 fixes a problem with adding a circumflex to capital letters with an accent and breathing.
  • January 2021 - Version 1.6.2 [beta] adds a "precompose windows" which gets round a problem with Electron-based apps (such as Diogenes) which don't seem to like RoboGreek's attempts to add diacritical markings. To access the window, press "=", then carry on as normal to create the character. When you are done, press "SPACE" and the character will be typed and the window will disappear.

Download RoboGreek Standard 1.5 as an .exe file (124 KB)
Download RoboGreek Standard 1.5 and instruction manual as a .zip file (329 KB)
Download just the instruction manual for RGS 1.5 as PDF file (313 KB)

Download RoboGreek 1.6.2 (beta) as an .exe file (132KB)
Download RoboGreek 1.6.2 (beta) and instructions as a .zip file (333KB)


RoboGreek Standard works on XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The program monitors the keyboard at low level, so some anti-virus programmes may get a bit anxious, but there is no virus!

Mac Version

April 2020 - Version 1 released!

Download a disk-image file (double-click to mount) of RoboGreek 1v0 (19 MB)



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