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Open Access Journal: Shedet: Annual journal issued by the Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University

Shedet: Annual journal issued by the Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University
p-ISSN: 2356-8704
e-ISSN: 2536-9954
SHEDET, annual peer-reviewed journal issued by the Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University, is a scholarly print and, open access, online international journal which aims to publish peer reviewed original research oriented papers or reviews in the fields of Archaeology and its related sciences. SHEDET encourages and provides a medium for the publication of all original research contributions of significant value in all aspects of ancient Egyptian, Islamic and Coptic Archaeology, conservation, museology, and heritage (concerning language, literature, history, art, and related subjects, before the modern period are welcome.It aims to publish research that contributes to the enlargement of knowledge or the advancement of scholarly interpretation.

SHEDET is presided over by a distinguished Board of Archaeologists, Historians, Restorers, Researchers, Scientists, Engineers and Academicians and is backed by an international advisory and review boards panel consisting of prominent individuals representing many well-known Universities, Colleges and Corporate World.

We publish high quality research and review papers.

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Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 8, 2021, Page 1-199  XML
Main Subjects


A torso of a Strategos in Kom-Oushim Storeroom, El-Fayoum

Page 1-12

Abdel-Basset Ali Abdel-Fattah


An Egyptian Scarab from Sanaᶜiye Site South of Tayma

Page 13-22

Emad Ahmed Elsayyad


Loyalist Instruction of Kairsu: Section 14 (O. NMEC 339)

Page 23-37

Marwa Ahmed Ewais


Two Ramesside Stelae at The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM 9295 & 9444)

Page 38-59



Armless Figures in Ancient Egypt Until The End of The New Kingdom

Page 60-74

Mona Abou El Maati El Nadi


A Ptolemaic Naophorous Statue from The Karnak Cachette (CAIRO JE 36682)

Page 75-85



The Stela of Hepu from The Late Middle Kingdom (GEM 23753/ JE 41638)

Page 86-97

Tamer Mohamed Fawzi Hussein


Ptolemaic and Roman Vessels of Scented Oil from Kiman Faris – Krokodilopolis

Page 98-110

Yahya Elshahat Mohamed Mahmoud


The Influences of Islamic Architecture on Sikh Architecture in Punjab Region from The 16th-19th ce

Page 111-138

Ghada Elgemaiey


Warehouse Sale Contract from Al-Fayyūm from The Year 371 ah / 981 ce

Page 139-148

Ahmed Kamal; Tamer mokhtar


Archaeometallurgical Characterization and Condition Assessment of Ancient Roman Coins from Egypt

Page 149-167

Hasnaa Ahmed; Gamal Mahgoub; Saleh Mohamed; Abdelrazek Elnaggar


Characterization of Rock Varnish Ferromanganese Crusts on Ancient Egyptian Wall Paintings from Bahariya Oasis, Egypt

Page 168-185

Ahmed M Elshabrawy; Mona Fouad Ali


Conservation of An Actively Corroding Rare Copper-based Object from The Museum of Jordanian Heritage, Jordan

Page 186-199

Ziad AL SAAD; abdelrahman mohamed elsetogy; Sana' AZAIZEH


VOCABULAIRE D’ARCHITECTURE EGYPTIENNE, by Franck Monnier, Bruxelles: Editions Safran, 2013. Précisions no. 2. ISBN-10: 2874570532. Pp. 304

Page 200-204

Ahmed Mansour

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