Thursday, December 1, 2011

Administrative Note

AWOL Statistics

As of today, the number of email addresses subscribed to AWOL's feedburner email notification service is 3,466.  The subscriber list increases by about one hundred each month.

You may follow AWOL directly via RSS, via Feedburner, on Facebook,  or on Twitter @ISAWLibrary.  Experimentally you can also follow AWOL on Google+.

AWOL' s Alphabetical list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies currently includes 1031 titles. We reached the 1000 title benchmark at the end of September 2011

AWOL went on line  January 6, 2009, and I have posted 1554 entries all told.  Since then we have had 513,775 page loads, from 314,125 unique visitors. Of these 87,264 found AWOL useful enough to come back for more.

Since May 2010, Blogger has been keeping detailed statistics on usage of files hosted there. In that period the ten most frequently viewed AWOL pages have been:

I welcome feedback of any kind, either directly, or via the comment function at the bottom of each AWOL entry

For those who might be interested, I invite you to amuse yourself by browsing through Bookplates of Scholars in Ancient Studies. If any of you have additions, corrections or comments on that, please do get in touch with me.

Administrative notes with user statistics have been posted in April 2012, March 2012, November 2011, October 2011July 2011, April 2011, January 2011December 2010October 2010, August 2010July 2010, May 2010, and  January 2010.

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