Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Treweek Pappus Manuscript Facsimiles

The Treweek Pappus Manuscript

Sample page from Treweek manuscripts

We are proud to provide researchers with an online copy of Emeritus Professor Athanasius (Ath) P. Treweek’s manuscript transcription and restoration the Collection of Pappus of Alexandria (Vaticanus Graecus 218)
A6617 (v) a-e [Original Manuscript] Emeritus Professor Athanasius (Ath) P. Treweek’s manuscript transcription and restoration of Vaticanus Graecus 218. The transcription (with notes) is divided across five notebooks 3r-50b; 51a-75b; 76a-100b; 101a-150b; 151a-203a.
The text was copied in 1946-1947 from a photostat of the original manuscript made in 1938-1939. It was later rechecked against the original manuscript and to Pappus of Alexandria’s original diagrams in 1949 and 1956, and against derived manuscripts to clear up doubtful points.
Professor Treweek argued that Vaticanus Graecus 218 was the basis of all extant Pappus Mss and that, accordingly, the others could be used not only to restore V218 but in so doing, to get as close as possible to Pappus’ original text.
We sincerely thank his daughters Ann Treweek and Helen Roberts for permission to publish these manuscripts online. We also thank Bob Berghout from the School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences for depositing the original manuscripts with Cultural Collections (Auchmuty Library) and Melanie Patfield who digitised and prepared the manuscripts in PDF format.
The notebooks are provided here as large PDFs. So you might wish to right mouse click on the link and select ‘save link as’ to download the file to your computer.

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